What else can I do to make this thing POP?

by debra
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I created a fan page and tabs for pinterest, twitter and fb amazon store with an amazon wp blog. The fan page is here: http://facebook.com/hotlegos

What else can I do to make the social end pop? I started creating themed activities that can be downloaded (printed out) that are on Docstoc but docstoc is not very friendly with pinterest. Maybe use Flicker? idk

Not interested in the fake end of anything. Just Real people, real interaction, real growth.
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    What you are doing seems to be looking good, nice Job... You might want to try deviantART: where ART meets application! create an account and place your themed art work there it is very user friendly and can help you to reach other enthusiastic artistic people.


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    I think your banner on FB should be a little more colorful, place the logo ALONE in the left corner, and in the middle some Logo action. Then get some friends who seem to be interested in logos, maybe people with similar activity and look for parents with small children, they also have friends with kids. And you should post some nice pictures with children involved in lego-related activities, nice pics that people would like and share
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    You can write a few blogposts, or just comment. You need to share your social media links to the world
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    Originally Posted by debra View Post

    What else can I do to make the social end pop?
    Well, what you are doing right now is good: post in a forum! (Except that this is the wrong forum; here we are not much into playing with Legos - we prefer to play with millions instead :p )
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