Is Facebook the great place to social only?

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Some of our seo clients who run shopping site has lots of fans on their Facebook to bring traffic to their site. But only cheap or special offer can have these fans order.

We noticed that there are not many tips about convert fans into real buyers. Most of the eBooks or tips are about how to have fans.

Is Facebook the great place to social only?
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    No not like facebook is also an social network because we have plenty of social networking sites in that facebook plays a vital role
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    facebook influence can't be denyed !
    I think Pinterest etc is of the great social site.
    People are more into mobiole application these days like Instagram and whatsapp ... their popularity is incresing day by day.
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    People obviously love socializing on FB...

    But with the amount of people currently on it, you can do just about anything
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  • FB is also a great place to socialize and provide customer support. It's also a great place to look for new content.
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    FB Rules... I also enjoy pinterest... its still fairly new and people are utilizing it to gain popularity as well.

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    sure is a leader, but forums are sometimes better depending on the niche
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    Facebook is a useful and effective social media place to market your websites and products. But, also you can use Twitter, Google Plus, Instagram, Pinterest and LinkedIn.

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    I think facebook is the place for social but its not the only thing to do there. It is a new art in the internet marketing relm to convert to sales but it is very possibly and a lot of warrior members are doing it. I think it mainly takes a lot of split testing and trial and error.

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    In today’s Hi-Tech era, social networking websites like Facebook, Twitter etc. are gaining immense popularity among website owners for attracting traffic Promotion of a website and also is a part of the social media optimization enhancing the search engine rankings for a website.

    But again :
    "Don’t think about ONLY FB or ONLY twitter or ONLY stumbleupon or ONLY…." . We should build community and try out all those medium mentioned above all together in order to generate more traffic to the site. I can say this firmly as I did it and had a wonderful and fruitful result.
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