Tweet Adder Alternative?

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I am just getting started with adding twitter to my new business, however I don't want to throw an extra $50 at tweet adder on top of thesis, some design work I bought, and paid training I am doing?

Anyone know a free alternative?

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    You might want to try they will help you with your twitter management.. (No Affiliation)

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    Hootsuite also has a free account.
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    Hootsuite and Social Oomph do not add Twitter followers like Tweet Adder does. Hootsuite is great and Social Oomph looks good, but they are for different purposes.

    Edit: I looked closer at Social Oomph. If you have a paid account you can set it to auto-follow people that follow you which is mostly pointless. You can't load a list of people to follow and automatically follow them. The reason is because it is against Twitter's TOS. Tweet Adder does it and is being sued by Twitter for it.
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    You can try TweetDemon, Tweet Money Bot, Twtdominator
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    Try Hootsuite, Tweet Marketing Robot previously known as (TweetDemon), Twitter Bot and Twtdominator.

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