How to increase Followers on Social Media Pages?

by almiller 14 replies
Well it's very difficult for me to builds fan for Facebook Page or Twitter followers and other similar services and I don't know how others do this.

Please give me some tips to increase them.
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      thank you king for the information... I just signed up
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    Yes, like kingdowney said, you can use social media exchange websites like Twiends - Twitter / Instagram Directory

    Then you can get a lot of followers.
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    1. Write Well and Write Often
    2. Submit Your Blog to Search Engines
    3. Use and Update Your Blogroll
    4. Harness the Power of Comments
    5. Syndicate Your Blog's Content with an RSS Feed
    6. Use Links and Trackbacks
    7. Tag Your Posts
    8. Submit Your Posts to Social Bookmarking Sites
    9. Remember Search Engine Optimization
    10. Don't Forget Images

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    For me... the most surprising part about building my followers is that the same person acts differently across SNS. So you really have to know the landscape of


    and the culture. these infographics should help: SMO: What is Social Media Optimization? The 25 Step Checklist

    I'm a writer for Forbes and Fast Company.
    Also, I did this: My deepest darkest SEO SECRETS ---

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    I suggest posting relevant and interesting content on your fb or twitter, but not only what concerns you, something worth sharing will do. As to twitter, you may follow those who follow you and find twitter "celebrities" in your industry to follow them too and participate in discussion with them. Also, you may organise a contest and give something away for a retweet etc.


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    try youlikehits. I used it before.

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    Hello Almiller. There are several ways to build a facebook page and twitter page. My suggestion is first use a service to purchase facebook likes and twitter followers to bulk up your page to build your social crediblity and legitimacy. Check out my cig that can help you.

    After this you can do several things. Contact other facebook page admins in your simliar niche and ask for them to post a status about your page in return of you doing it. (or offer to pay). You can also be a guest blogger and write some blogs and articles and in your author bio put your facebook url. If you have some money to invest you can always use Facebooks advertising and promotional updates. These can work great but can cost you a pretty penny.

    Hope one of these ideas help!

    Originally Posted by almiller View Post

    Well it's very difficult for me to builds fan for Facebook Page or Twitter followers and other similar services and I don't know how others do this.

    Please give me some tips to increase them.

    All Services Provided by
    Kyle Nelson

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    Get an edge, get web bots for social medias.
    It's the only way for me to go these days.

    Why do everything manually when a robot can do the job ?
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    Its very interesting to me to read how many people advocate using things like buying Fb or Twitter followers or using automated systems or bots to build a following. I visit so many pages on Fb (or Twitter, or Pinterest, or G+, etc etc etc) who have big numbers but very little interaction. I guess I'm the sort of marketer who prefers building personal relationship with folks. What I've found is that people respond when I respond to them, consistently. Not sure how it could help to have, say, 10,000 Likes on my Fb biz page and have no one interacting? Or have no one doing business with me?

    As an example: I have several Twitter accounts, one of which I built using a few auto-follow (etc) systems. There's over 20,000 people technically following me, but very little interaction. On the other hand, I started a new Fb biz page recently and its growing wonderfully and has converted into actual business very well - all done one person at a time.

    I'd love to hear others' experience with this...
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    You can buy followers, although it is very important to get a clean list and to have a highly targeted list, otherwise you may be accused of spamming.

    You can use social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, MySpace and LinkedIn, and Google plus to tell people about your social media account.

    You can use your bio page to talk about your area of expertise. This will give people a good reason why they should follow you. Think of a theme that will attract people interested in what you do.

    You can ask your website visitors or blog readers to follow you by adding a social media account button to your site or blog.

    You can upload a picture of yourself on your social media account to build up trust. People like to follow someone who is not afraid to show their face, someone who is real.

    You can add value to other people’s lives by posting relevant content.

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    I would advise against buying twitter followers/ facebook likes this is because the seller will most probably tweet often (either adverts or any other tweets) due to which your advert will not get much recogition. I am saying this from previous experience.

    As for facebook I would suggest finding people interested in your niche & adding them/messaging them & then invite them to your page.

    I would also suggest trying youtube. Find some video, related to your page obviously, with high views contact the channel owner and ask if they can promote your page
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      You could always get your connections to view and like you page, I'm certain you have lots of them. Ask them to get their connections to view and like your page as well. However, it is important that you need to keep quality and interesting content on your page. It wouldn't do if you just invite others to visit your page and when you're asked about what it is, you'd just say "nothing much, really." Or, if people do visit your page, you wouldn't want them to tell others that your page isn't worth the visit at all.

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    I will help you add me on s kype: mediaclickgroup
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