Is 7000+ Likes a good number all targeted

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My page now has over 7000+ all genuine targeted to my niche, is this a decent amount to start with, unsure what other people have who are not large companies.
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    Thanks for the reply, i would love to know how to make money from it, my goal was simply write good content and they will like and that was basically what happened. the facebook page never had any goals it just came naturally with the website, i seen everyone else doing it and just followed suit.

    any advice on monatising this page and my website would be appriciated. all the likes are natural from the source of my content from people who love the niche i am in.

    I may be good with social marketing and getting the likes but lack business ideas just now.
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      How much traffic (to your site) do you get from your 7k FB likes?
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        Its not something i have monitored closely recently, but looking at stats it depends what i post and how often i post i have recieved 800 in a day from one article and probebly a couple of hundred each time i post a new article, if i posted more articles on the page in a day i could achieve much more, i have not started utilising the page properly because only recently i have decided to try and make a business from it.

        the page as come naturally from just posting articles from the website, i reckon from more effort i could achieve much much more.
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    You tell us, how much revenue are you generating with 7,000 Likes?
    Once you have that number you have a general idea of how many more likes you need to make X amount.
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    The best way to check the Profitability of your 7000+ Fans is Monetizing it.The results will tell you whether 7000 is a good number or you need to work more on the Page.
    Sell Dreams, Not Products
    - Steve Jobs
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