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Hi there.
I am hoping someone out here can help me. I am new to Pinterest. I opened up a Blogger (BlogSpot) blog. I made a bunch of posts and included images in each post. I then put a pin it button to show up on each post. I then went into the blog and pinned each and every image to different boards I had created on my pinterest account. I see the boards in pinterest and my pins but yet nothing shows up when I do a search for any of my pins. I have even tried a different computer. Yet nothing is showing up and therefore no one has repined anything. Does anyone have any ideas. Thanks
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    bump anyone have a solution? i would be grateful for some help
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    You have to back link the pins to High PR sites... social book marketing etc.. Pinterest utilizes key work techniques based on popularity and ("URL") key word parameters..

    I.e ("example") type Free Pinterest Followers in google, I am number one.. in Pinterest, my Pin URL is "free pinterest followers" and I back linked it to high PR Sites..... Hope that helps..

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    You are getting "ghosted" which means, nothing is shown sadly.

    I gave up on Pinterest because of this.
    You either get deleted/ghosted and that's when they don't redirect links to their own stuff !!!

    I had a killer bot and private proxies along with hundreds of accounts.

    Way too much work for so little rewards (on my end)

    Good luck if you still want to pursue
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    You might have done something on your profile which was inappropriate adn Pinterest didn't like it, so your posts doesn't appear in the searches.

    If you are doing everything "legally" without proxies, don't spam, etc you should be fine, as far as I know.
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