How to get Google Page Rank in 1 month?

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Is it really possible to get at the Page of Google Searches in 1 month? As we really put in our months of efforts to maintain cool status of our websites? But recently one SEO firm has said that it will guarantee first page ranking of our website in one. Can they be trusted? How?
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    Possibly, but a lot of work will be needed to prove to Google your site is worth ranking up. You'll never know till you try or research around to make sure you can trust that firm.
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    It depends entirely on what term you're trying to rank for.

    If you're attempting to rank on page one for the term "SEO," it's going to take you a lot longer than one month. Heck, it will probably never happen, even if you work at it for years. However, if you want to rank on the first page for "b2b social media marketing" within a month, you have a shot.

    By the way OP, I can rank a webpage number one (yes, you read that right) in Google within 15 minutes. Now, the term may be "social media marketing strategies for new startups," which is why I was able to rank it within 15 minutes.

    Generally, I'd avoid SEO "firms." They're most likely going to be pretty lousy and overcharge you for mediocre results. You're better off finding a good service on an Internet Marketing forum.
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    It is possible but not probable. Sometimes it's hard to even get indexed that fast. You gotta becareful with seo firms. Alot of them are scams.
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    it is possible to achieve a page one in 1 month, but you have to choose keywords with medium or low competition,,,
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    Yes you can get on the first page on Google for a month.

    As for PageRank, it is impossible to get a higher pagerank in a month, as the pagerank update approximately every three months.
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    It all depends on the Compitation you have for that keyword.
    And depend up on work we do .
    If you do smart work with good Digital Marketing Expert , you can get into first page in 1 month.


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    I don`t think it`s possible, unless using black hat and eventually get punished by Google. Give it a try, and report back. Just be aware as many SEO companies are scammers. Good luck!
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    It is probably not possible to get a Google PageRank ranking for your domain in 1 month, as Google does not update the PR every month.

    However, it is possible to get your website ranked on Google's first page in one month if you are targeting a keyword that is not very competitive.

    Google PageRank and Google ranking are 2 different things.
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    It is possible and very easy! SEO is not the dark art everyone makes out. One of my new sites hit the front page of google in days, went to 600 uniques a day in a few weeks and hit a PR2 in the first month. Give G want it wants and the rest is simple. - I am now looking for a niche to test my new ranking system. (Easy 5 steps).
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    Without unique and quality content , I think it's impossible . Maybe involves any black hat SEO technique . Be careful
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