How to calculate the value of my facebook page?

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Hello fellow warriors!

I have a blog and its facebook page has 16k likes. I would like to know how to monetize my facebook page.
I had some offers in the past asking me to share photos or events but I used to charge flat rates like $5, $10 each post. I think i got a good spot since 90% of the likes are from people of my hometown.

I would like to be able to calculate a fair and yet profitable rate for the advertisement that I'm planning to start. On this page. Or even, how to make better use of it.

If you could please point me in the right direction it would be much appreciated.
Thank you!
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    Fist of all, I don't really think that "Advertising" on your facebook fan page is a good idea as I have seen a lot of page likes decrease because of conventional adverting. However, you can kinda get a rough guesstimate about the value of your facebook based on the engagement level of your page itself. Post something interesting, something that would literally force someone to respond to. If you have 16K likes on your page and only 5 people are talking about it, the value of the page would be squat.
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    Thank you KingMighty.

    I can tell that we are very relevant in the community. If we post things city hall knows it and acts on it, like when we complain about city problems and such.
    Also we started an event yesterday and we already have 400 marked as "confirmed", 180 maybe and people invited over 9k people already.

    We dont post any advertising... we tend only to post things that are worth to our users such as city wide freebies (invites, gift cards and such). We focus on local ads 1 or 2 a day.

    I was thinking maybe find local business and have monthly plans but Im not sure if this is the way to go.. and even so, how much to charge? is there a formula based on average views or likes? which factor should i take into consideration when using a formula for ad's price?
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    @KingMighty you are right man
    This is the best answer .
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    A page is only worth what someone will pay for it.

    If it were me looking to buy the page, obviously I would want to get it for cheap. A 16k page that has the right countries (I would be looking for USA mostly) I would try to buy for $10. Doesn't seem like much right? Probably more of a keepsake to you.

    However, if you can get someone to pay more then that's different. You asked what the value of the page is and the typical fan page with USA fans is 0.005 cents per fan. Putting you at a normal street price of $80. Truthfully it is not worth selling.

    How much you charge local people to post on it is up to you. Nothing incredibly substantial. If you were to charge some random person that was not posting an event or what not then it really is not worth more than $5 a post and even then thats not even good.

    But like I said, it is not worth the hassle. Pretty much a keepsake. You can be doing other things.

    Source: I have been doing social media for many years and if anyone knows anything about this topic then its me.

    Well that's all you get for free!
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