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Hi Guys,

Let's say you have a website or a Facebook Fanpage, of course content is king, however youtube videos and cool images on your website, in your emails and Facebook Fanpages help convert like, especially on Facebook I know from experience.

Post your highest converting and most watched / liked images and videos here. This way you can built a vault / collection of cool images and videos like the ones below to use on your website, in your emails or Facebook page.

The following video for example is watched almost 13 million times, people like it a lot.

Extraordinary happening at Heathrow airport (Almost 13 million views)


This guy is crazy and has lots of confidence and balls with a capital B (7.8 million views)
He impersonates a really famous person in the streets of New York and in the subway. Hilarious


Biggest and best Marriage proposal in the world (1.6 millions views)


Steve at it again now on the beach (4.4 million views)


Crazy Chatroulette Song

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KAQhG59zqZc (2.7 million views)

Post the most like images and videos you come across here. Help built a vault / collection of cool popular stuff people like all over the world.

Put the amount of likes / views down like above so everybody can see how popular the image or vid is to people ...for everyone to use in his / her online business.
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