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I am a php programmer with 17 years experience. I developed a system to combine rss feeds together around a base of rules and then use a service like tweetfeed, hootsuite, etc to share items from the new feed to my social media.

Features include chossing x random items form the whole feed, choosing x items with in y time frame from the feed, adding hits like "blog:" or "new:" to the front of each post, adding in twitetr hash tags by feed, specifying twitter account name by feed, specfiying length of text body when you call the new combined rss feed (that way twitter can have short desc and you can have longer ones for facebook, etc), and specify bitly api for tracking links.

The way it works is it will check your rss feeds in the early morning and cache the results. Then over the day the service you use will drip feed the results from the feed to your social media accounts. When it runs each morning it deletes the previous days results and starts fresh.

What I am thinking about doing is offering a service around this code. For example $10 a month USD, for unlimited new combined feeds, each with unlimited rss feeds to combine into the new feed. (of course with in reason if I see abuse I would have to impose limits)

Would something like this interest you? Thoughts, suggestions, etc?
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    Rss is a powerful technique to distribute it through social media accounts. What I like most is but right now is no longer.

    I was just hoping soon they will be an alternative to

    Anyway, nice post. My advice could you give it those program for a free trial? then after that if they wish to continue simply add a expiry code.

    That way they could get the feel of it on how the system works.

    Ps just let me know if you have free trial. Thanks!
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    I will put some thought on a way to add in a free trial or tier. The main thing to remember this would only combine rss feeds, it does not submit them any where.

    Another thought would you prefer pricing more like amazon where its based on say the number of feeds you want to combine together?
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    I recently received an email as a result of my originally post. So I was thinking I should revise this and ask again if there is interest in a service like I am proposing.

    What I am currently thinking is $4.99 a month per new rss feed you want to create. But each new rss feed can have hundreds of rss feeds that are combined to make it. Those feeds will only be checked once or twice a day, but the content found could be trickle feed to social media as its cached on my server. Or used to combine news feeds, etc together to make it easier to follow many sites at once.

    Let me know if you would be interested.
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    The 10 bucks a month does seem kinda steep for rss that doesn't post. 5 bucks a month sounds better a long with a free two week trial. I'd give that a go and if it worked well enough then I'd likely keep that service.
    Good ideas and GL...

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    I would be interested if it's not too expensive, lol. Would be great to set-up different feeds for different social accounts, so you aren't sending the same posts each day to all accounts. Let me know if you need any beta testers?
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    Sounds interesting. would like to see what develops.
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    For those of you still following this thread I am thinking about selling the script rather then making it a service. Check out the concept on the new thread at and let me know what you think
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