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So I am new to this forum and I don't know if I'm in the right bit.

I was looking around online trying to find a way that I could earn money without 'Working Properly'

I come across The Million Dollar Homepage and I decided I wanted to create something like that but something completely different (if that makes sense)

I Play Your App | Own A Piece Of Internet History And Play Some Of Our Apps website launched two days later and will be starting on the 17th March (my Birthday)

I have racked up over 41,000 twitter followers and more than 100,000 website hit.

I would just like to know your thoughts and how I could get some kind of media coverage for it!

Thank You
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  • iPlayyourapp,

    If you want to get real media coverage you have to reach out to people in the media to tell your story. Simple as that.

    I took a look at your site and frankly (and I’m not in the media) but it doesn’t look that noteworthy. There is no app of the day on the home page and the site isn’t very logical. I’m not really sure what it even does. I see some kind of apps for sale on one page however they all have the same icon and some are outrageously expensive. Are you making money off of this site?

    I think you have a good start here but I would work on it some more before you reach out to mainstream media. It looks like you have a pretty good following on twitter so maybe you can create buzz there.

    Here is an article on what makes something newsworthy,

    Newsworthiness - What Makes Something Newsworthy

    Hope that helps,

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    Im not sure what that is all about the site is confusing. You might want to spend more than 2 days on it. I gather the concept is that you expect people to pay you $20 a day to use there app. Umm good luck with that. Im a full time software developer and I can assure you I would never pay someone to test my software. I can get people to do it for free all day long.

    The store has generic paypal buy buttons on it. While paypal is fine, putting up a premade generic auto generated button makes you look unprofessional (again spend more than 2 days on the site)

    I wish you well on this venture but honestly I think you have a long hard road ahead of you.
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      Well, for starters, your page looks good. It's quite attractive. However, there's nothing on the home page. Once you click on to your site, you'll be wondering what the site is all about. I had to click on all the tabs to get an idea on the site. I suggest you place your Services post on the home page and make it sticky. Casual browsers wouldn't bother to stay on and find out about your site's purpose. Anyway, place a video of your site on YouTube and other media sites. Perhaps that will get their attention.

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