For Promoting your website :Facebook or Google Plus ?

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Hy friends,
For promoting your products or websites which social networking site you your like/prefer ?
Facebook or google plus.
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    I personally like Facebook better

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    Originally Posted by nadeemajeedch View Post

    Hy friends,
    For promoting your products or websites which social networking site you your like/prefer ?
    Facebook or google plus.

    More people are on Facebook than Google + There are over 500 million users on the site. There is a huge market on Facebook that you can tap into and they are creating new features all the time for businesses to promote their products/services
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    Facebook is WAY busier. I do sometimes wonder if I should be setting some stuff up on G+ while it's relatively small, to stay ahead though.
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    Nope facebook is better than more than a billion registered and easily go viral.
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    i think mostly people prefer facebook ..Right ? No-one like google-Plus ?

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    It's sure that by using Facebook, you can get to much bigger group of users, but Facebook is already full of advertisements and people are fed up with them. I think it would be easier to attract people on G+. Whatever you choose, I think you will get similar results.

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    If I'd have to choose from these two platforms, I would definitely vote for Facebook as there are more traffic you can get from there.
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    Definitely facebook..
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    I have not had much success with FB personally but have for clients. Myself, I prefer G+ but will be ramp-up my efforts on FB in the coming months.
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    I have tried both. I must say that I really do like facebook better. It is just a personal preferrence for me. I know that some really do like google plus but I have never really had all that much luck with it. I am not saying that it is bad but I like facebook much much better.
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      Facebook is more popular, I would say. You can hear about Facebook and see the logo and site pages everywhere. So I would suggest you use Facebook for social media promotion. You can get more traffic there, as it has more users. Provided, of course, that you make your site worth visiting.

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    Better ask yourself how much you facebook and how much you use G+. I am sure you will definitely get your answer
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    I prefer to use facebook.But some people focused at google plus in term of adsense referral traffic because google plus is also subsidiary of google company.

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    Yes, I would use both facebook and g+ too. Anything goes.
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      It's all about traffic, isn't it? Facebook is a really good source of viral traffic and looks like everyone is using it. For some reason G+ stays in the shadow for many marketers. I use both and probably G+ more. Without too much details if you have a G+ account Google ranks your site higher in search results because they are desperate to attract as many people as possible to their social creation. Don't forget about uTube. This is Google's baby as well. If you promote your services or product using video marketing G+ is a good place to be. Google (SE), G+, uTube are all connected.
      I would say you should use both FB and G+. There's massive potential in G+ you just have to know how to unleash it.
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    I think that facebook is better and really easier, and recently I have gained 10,000 more fans of my pages, but the fans decrease every day, any body helps?

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      Ok, so most of you are running with Facebok. My question is how do you promo on facebook? Please share some tricks, tips and info.. esp if your just starting a new project. How do you take a new site and promo it on FB with no likes or followers?
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    Well if you just go by statistics, then I believe there are a lot more users in Facebook. So I say Facebook.
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    According to me Facebook is better for promoting website. The advantage of having a page to promote your business on Facebook is you can build up a dedicated following. While it depends on your niche, giving fans the opportunity to join and share opinions is not to be missed.
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    Facebook is great in establishing relationship with your customers.
    I use G+ mainly for SEO purposes.
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    I absolutely love both, and here's why. Facebook is great because my company has a pretty good audience there already (simply because Facebook has been around longer than Google Plus). But I have to agree with @Khooster1 -- G+ has unique SEO advantages that really can't be ignored (more on that here: Why Your Company Needs to Stop Ignoring Google+ - YouTube).

    Also, I've noticed that my connections on G+ are for the most part different than those on Facebook. Always good to reach more people with your message!

    Why limit yourself to just one social networking platform, anyway?
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    From my view facebook is the cheap but extremely effective way to promote
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    They are both so very different. You can advertise on Facebook but not Google plus if that's what you are into? Even though their both social media, they have a totally different type of users and it's a little bit more business like. I use them both to reach all markets of people.
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    I did not familiar with my answer is facebook. And so far, give me more than i expected..
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    I like Facebook, but I really WANT to like Google +.
    I'd imagine that in a few years Google+ will begin to dominate.
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    facebook is better
    there are more registered users
    and it has more tools
    to promote your business

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    Don't sleep on Google Plus.

    Google owns 2 of the 3 top slots on Alexa's world traffic rankings.

    The 1st and the 3rd.

    Guess what spot they're also vying for.

    More food for thought.

    Just a few years ago, and 6 years before Google, Yahoo was the only game in town.

    Now...they're like number 6 on that same Alexa ranking board.

    Google is good at doing what's working...and then doing it better.

    Google Plus, I suspect is something you should all slowly aclimate into your business.

    Of course, as of right now, Facebook has the traffic and you should know that too...

    My caution is to not disregard anything else for where they are not where they might be in the near future.

    Yellowpages, anyone?

    What do you think?


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