How to get 1 million twitter follower

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Ok I am not a celebrity or star or singer or any famous person. But is it possible for me to get 1 million twitter follower? If I am not a celebrity or start so what?

1. I have creative idea to share
2. I have passion to share my ideas
3. I love to help by giving creative info to others
4. I love to be socialize
5. I love knowledge sharing
6. I want to see a better world
7. I want to make people happy
8. I want to make peoples life worthy
9. I love to connect with people and want to learn
10. I want to learn from the global

I started my 10 passion so I could get 1 million twitter follower.

So tell your opinion about how to get 1 million twitter follower?

There a super easy way that if we follow each other then it could be possible. So who wants to get 1 million follower lets make this thread useful and lets follow each other. Here post your twitter username or url then follow every one each other. Only one easy way is this to follow each other.
Lets start our following by my twitter username @getblogbrk or

So post your twitter username and express all ideas about how to get 1 million twitter follower.
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    What would be the point?

    Surely you only want real followers who are actually interested in what you have to share.
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    Try to write blog content with your twitter niches and cross promote on different social media platforms and use twitter's API to add followers!

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    Originally Posted by RogerMayer View Post

    Get viral in press release.
    What kind of press release you telling about? I could release a press at prlog. But what will be press release details or theme?
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      Why would you want a million twitter followers? I mean, are you trying to promote something, a blog, or website, perhaps? I would suggest that you try to get real followers, even if they won't reach one million. The interaction would be more meaningful if your followers are real ones, or at least, people you know.

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    Write some interesting blog post/article related to your niche and share on your twitter a/c. Certainly this will take a time a lot. Hope this will help. If you are doing any tool to increase twitter followers then you will get many fake followers those can't be real followers.
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    You have great vision with those points you listed but to get 1 million followers, you still need to be a celebrity
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      I think blog writing and forum discussion are the great ways through which you can increase your twitter follower. Just write unique and quality blogs according to the requirement of users and share it among your twitter followers and Facebook friends. Another thing, continue your discussion on great forum sites like v7n, seochat, citidata etc and try to solve the problems of other users. When most of the internet users will get benefited from you, then they will definitely follow you. Personal branding is the most important thing when you think about getting 1 millions Followers.
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