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what services do these companies offer small businesses for Facebook and Twitter etc except the obvious; handling complaints, posting, discounts etc?

what would a business expect for $1,500 a month in social media services for Facebook and Twitter? and which businesses would want it?
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      The social media is a powerful tool for small business, here we can grow organic visitors per month and increase the expect revenue.
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          Social media can be beneficial but it does not work for all types of businesses online. If you are having a online business that can attract general public then it can pass on a lot of benefits but if you are having a business where you provide specific services, the buyers will be less. But Social media can be utilized properly for the branding purpose of business. It may not generate good sales but will help increasing the awareness about your company and services.
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  • Non,

    Most companies that offer social media services do all of the things you mentioned and they may also help you design campaigns based on your goals. For example maybe you want people to travel to an online store and make a purchase. A good web marketing company focusing on social media will help you devise a plan on how to attract visitors to your site and get them to convert.

    The price of 1,500 a month is subjective. An agency could very well be charging a business that just to manage posts and respond on a regular basis. On the other hand a freelancer charging that much may be doing far more work like all of the obvious stuff and development of applications, campaign design, development of content and content strategy, etc.

    Its important to keep in mind that if you are talking to a company with an off-the-shelf approach to social media marketing, this probably is not the best use of your money. No two businesses are alike and no two businesses have the same goals. With that in mind, activities on social media for a business are going to be different than that of other businesses because their goals are different. Each business really needs a custom solution.

    Here is a pretty good post on what to look for in a marketing agency,

    Social Media Marketing Services Review 2013 | Best Social Networking Strategies | Social Media Marketing Plans - TopTenREVIEWS

    Hope that answers your question,

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    usually it's also setting up campaigns and combining it with your blogging and other outreach methods. They should in some way be combining it with how you go about getting leads (optin pages, etc) as well.

    It should be more about educating you so you can do it yourself - not reliant on them forever, even if you choose to use them for doing your actual posts, handling feedback, etc.
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    Social Media is a powerful "weapon" for businesses that know how to use this 'weapon" .!
    If you invest in Social Media in the right way will give to the business more exposure and more traffic ! More Traffic = More Income
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    Social Media is finally peaking this year, I know for a fact many people benefit for having a healthy social media presence attached to their business, it keeps you current, relevant and very good for personal business interactions.

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    Originally Posted by non View Post

    what services do these companies offer small businesses for Facebook and Twitter etc except the obvious; handling complaints, posting, discounts etc?
    There are a few good ones out there, and this marketing medium does help. There is a lot of controversy over the issue. Here is a good WSO that I just found and used for YouTube.

    YouTube View Increaser by

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