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Hey Warriors,

So I know I might get a few "no sh$t sherlock" replies here, but this is a simple and effective way to grow your Facebook fan base which I think many people overlook. Because it seems to be so overlooked, I figure its worth a post. If not, an admin can just delete.

This method allows you to grow organic followers who often times are living in the location(s) where you are marketing.

The method is simple. Often times we think our "invite friends" capacity is limited just to us. We invite our friends list, and move on to other methods of building a following. But we can still network through that function. Just message a few trusted friends, preferably who live in the area you are targeting. Be honest and just explain to them that you are trying to build your Facebook following. Ask them if they will be "managers" (not sure if other admin roles allow friend invites) on your facebook page so that they can use the "build audience" tab to invite their friends list. When they say sure, just add them as a manager and walk them through adding their friends. When they are finished inviting their friends, you can just remove them from the managerial role and the invites will remain sent. The conversion rate from this method is really great because the invites show as the users picture, making the invite seem more personalized and bringing in way more accepts.

This requires a few things...
1) You MUST TRUST the friend. This method carries some inherent risk. Make sure you know the friends you use are not going to mess up your page or try to steal anything. Do not use people you don't have good friendships with.
2) You must communicate with the friend so that you know they have sent their invites. Its best to remove them once they are finished just to be on the safe side.
3) Sometimes people won't know how to navigate around the facebook page, so some degree of hand holding is usually required.
4) I find doing this one to two friends at a time works best. As I said it takes some communication and hand holding so don't overwhelm yourself. Also I'm not sure if Facebook limits the "build audience" function once you get to a certain amount of managers. Either way, because you are removing the managers after they perform their task this shouldn't be a problem.

Anyway, that's about it. It's an often overlooked technique that to some of you will seem blatantly obvious, but I hope its helpful to those who haven't utilized it. For me its more than quadrupled my followers, and they are all organic and many of them in the areas I am targeting. Because I overlooked this method for so long, I figure its worth sharing. I hope it does the same for you.
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    Really very knowledgeable post provided by you. If in case my friend mess up my page the how to restore it?
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      I have tried this in the past and worked for me well but the only problem is that, our friends invite their friends who also like our page but if it does not comes under their interest, they simply unlike the page. It hardly helps in increasing 1 to 2% of likes and not more than that.
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        Been doing this since day 1.

        For those saying "my friends will mess up my page" you give them the lowest permission only to invite friends - they cannot post things onto your wall.
        Stay Humble
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