Kickstarter Fundraising Through Social Media

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Hey everybody,

My question today is how would you go about using social media to help raise money for a fundraiser?

I am working on raising money for a festival that is using kickstarter to raise the money. Have any of you ever worked on promoting a kickstarter or have any experience garnering up a ruckus on on social media outlets to promote a project? (may not have been worded the best way)

I will provide any useful information you may need in order to answer the question. Anything will help.

Thanks in advance.
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    Hey SubUrbanHype,

    I have done a kickstarter campaign that while unsuccessful and did not completely reach my goal it did teach me a lot about the process. If you are currently engaged in an active campaign or about to begin a Kickstarter campaign I highly suggest reading the story of how Soma Water raised $100,000 in 10 days.

    I have included a link to download all of the crowdfunding templates that they used in order for you to take your campaign to the next level.
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