Best ways to gain REAL followers for a real business on twitter

by dvega
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Hey all. Just wanted to start a discussion on what are the best ways to get more Twitter followers for real businesses on twitter. Whether its a restaurant, clothing store, bakery, whatever..

I've tested out Twitter Ads recently to promote a business account, but it didn't work out very well in getting lots of followers. Also the kinds of followers it got from that campaign were other twitter users who were trying to get more followers as well. AKA, people already following thousands of other accounts.

So what do you guys do? Heres a few things I do.

Search for 4square checkins: A lot of times people check in to a business using four square, but never really know the business has a twitter account. So searching for that checkin, and replying to them with a simple comment or fllowing them alerts them to the account.

search for local tweets in your area: using the "near:90210" or "near:NYC within:15mi" twitter search operator to find local tweeters and interacting with them. Especially good if they tweet or ask about things your business sells.

Search for tweets about competitor: Searching for mentions of a rival business that is nearby... Interacting with those tweeters can start a dialogue with potential customers who will follow you.

Following users who follow other business nearby: Finding another local business nearby, and checking their followers to follow or interact those users.

searching hashtags from your area: Whether a city hashtag, or lcal hashtags used in your area that you can monitor for tweeters to interact with.

I'm probably missing a couple other methods I can't remember now.
But i;m curious to find out what other people do. What are your best methods to get REAL local followers quickly?
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    Great post, Social Media is the best way to get traffic on your website. Interaction with your friends is the best way to get natural links.
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    Traffic from social media is not quality
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      Originally Posted by rogerminh2401 View Post

      Traffic from social media is not quality
      We all thank you for that very insightful post that didn't contribute to this thread at all and was, of course, not true.
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      Originally Posted by rogerminh2401 View Post

      Traffic from social media is not quality
      Just for you... For me, Social Media the best traffic
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      Originally Posted by rogerminh2401 View Post

      Traffic from social media is not quality
      Possibly the most ridiculous post I have seen since joining the Warrior forum a short time ago.

      Social media traffic is just like any other traffic, in my opinion it matters little how they get there - it's what you offer them once they get there.

      We currently have a very small email list in comparison to many on the boards, so the majority of our custom comes from the social media traffic that we generate for ourselves.

      dvega... thanks for sharing the OP
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      Originally Posted by rogerminh2401 View Post

      Traffic from social media is not quality
      Wow. This has to be one of the stupidest comments I have read on here. You clearly don't know what you are talking about. I wouldn't be where I am today if it weren't for social media and its benefits.

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    Traffic from social media is not quality
    Well, that's interesting. I built my blog solely from organic and social media traffic. Over 200,000 pageviews a month which filtered readers into our private coaching forum which is now over 1,500+ paying monthly members
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    have a professional do it, this way you can bother with stuff you enjoy doing more. or other aspects of your business
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    Great post. I have been thinking of hitting the social media scene!
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    There are many other more effective ways to gain real active twitter followers for free and even targeted in some cases. These platforms includes addmefast, twiends, youlikehits and much more.....

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    I believe that social is getting bigger for seo, because my competitor sites have some of the most power from twitter!

    I think that since I am in Australia learning more about targetting aussies (as they are the only one who can buy my treats) will be the vital thing to getting real traction for my business.

    I have a few followers on twitter and they are in my niche, but not in my country!

    just a dog guy.

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    I like how you approach it, I am more familiar with FB for local businesses than Twitter it is just what more businesses tend to want in my area, so I will certainly take these tips on board, thanks for sharing this info.
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    That twitter for local is smart. I think you might have left out meme marketing, which is great to help create the rubber neck effect, which probably is not the most targeted, but definitely gets the momentum going and its easy.

    I haven't tried this myself, but I use a very similar variant of this for my twitter followers marketing (I'd have to think about it a bit), and it has helped me to find a tremendous amount of target prospects (usually I send them to my fiverr gigs funnel):

    1. Setup a twitter rss feed. Since twitter took away the rss feature this is what I use - Easy Twitter RSS Feeds

    2. Put in a targeted search term near your location "niche + near:"zip" or near:"etc" as listed above in the OP"

    3. Make sure its setup in your reader (I know Google's is going away but...I still use it)

    4. Respond to those people daily as those are fresh leads to connect with.

    Make sure that there is a coupon of some sort as a link in your business profile setting.

    That should at least get your creative juices going and perhaps so more ideas will spawn.

    I hope that was helpful.


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    I'm getting excellent traffic on my site from social media. Not sure what roger is talking about lol.
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    thanks guys that's something I like the sound of!
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    We should build community and try out all social medium together not only to generate more traffic to the site but also to enhance relationship-building.

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    Engaging is a great way. It is very possible to get direct affiliate commissions with just talking to people. It may take you longer but if its the right person and you have the right product the money is there to be made....May cost you sometime but hey at least you didn't have to do ppc. So there is certainly QUALITY in social media traffic.

    Affiliate links, templates, and redirects are not allowed.

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      Wow! Great twitter info here. I'm not a big twitter person but I am interested in cracking into their twitter world. I am a big social media fan though. I have noticed that some people just can't stand social media period. My sister for example absolutely hates facebook but everyone else in the fam seems to love it.

      Ah well. Go figure. Great thread though.
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