Social media tips for small businesses

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Here are some Social Media Tips for Small Business owners because usually they can't afford Costly Social Media Campaigns.
  • Post Viral Content
  • Post latest Content
  • Reply to Feedback As Soon As Possible
  • Increase Engadgment With Customers
  • Offer Something for Free
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    Apply these tips where, in a new group, new page or on the wall?

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      I am assuming that you meant these tips on content to be placed on the pages you create on the social media sites? There are a lot of free ways, particularly on social media sites, wherein you can make use of them in order to promote your website. Just make sure your content is interesting, catchy, and informative in order to gain the real traffic for your site.

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    You can just as easily fail as excel in social media. Setting yourself up for success will make all the difference. That, coupled with realistic expectations, is the pathway to a successful social media campaign.

    There are three things a small business needs to think about when venturing into social media for the first time:

    Your personnel.
    Targeting the right audience.
    Your website.
    Approach these in the right order for maximum affect. Without the right socially engaged people on your staff, it doesn’t really matter where you plan on "playing" or what your website says. The engagement and return won't be there.
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    There is no link, but first of all, -you should have mentioned that-, there is a large fan base or lots of friends needed to be successful!

    "Costly", which is not really, if you optimize it correctly media campagins are very useful until you get few thousands targeted likes for your page. Then you can do something with it.
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      Originally Posted by CPAMasterX View Post

      There is no link, but first of all, -you should have mentioned that-, there is a large fan base or lots of friends needed to be successful!
      This isn't always true. I have a page with 200 likes and I probably make more sales off that page than most make off a page with 10,000 likes.

      Here's the kicker, over 90% of the people that purchased from that page were more interested in buying what I had to offer than actually liking the page.

      Facebook sales happen on impulse, likes have a shelf life and eventually go cold. If you dont capture that sale almost instantly you would be best served placing effort into moving those likes over to an email list where people do buy over time than you would be wasting time thinking likes are the be all and end all of Facebook.
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    Great tips...

    My 0.02 is that it's good to build a relationship briefly before just slapping connections in the face with spam or offers off the bat. Too many users have done this on FB and have corrupted the hell out of it.

    Be genuine as well, when engaging, don't say your doing this or making all of this money if it's not true, can't "fake it till you make it"....
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    social media is not just facebook and twitter.Get your self a list of sites used as per demography, communities,age group and gender you are targeting. Even blogs on Bloomberg, Forbes and yahoo today attracts potential readers and generates conversation which is a great way for lead generation.
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    Use good content, making connection, responding to comments and customer engagement help your business.

    You can checkout this link-Small Business Guide To Winning Online Marketing [INFOGRAPHIC]
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    For making your website popular on social networking site first of all write good contents for your website then create pages or groups, post your content there. Add more peoples, make regular presentations and never dominate your commentators. Make your website popular by getting more likes and share.
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    I think the hardest part is figuring out what 'good' or 'viral' content is. It takes time to get a feel for what people like and it can be different from niche to niche.

    Easy to say, harder to do.

    Wade McMaster •
    I build, design and grow websites in WordPress, and show others how to as well!

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    Unless the posts are engaging, people won't interact with the page and thus the main purpose of social media page is defeated.
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    • In my opinion, For effective social media to small business join twitter, LinkedIn. Follow more and more people regularly on Twitter.. Means increase twitter followers. Build relationships by following back on twitter and Figure out # of tweets per day.
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