How To Rank Any Video On YouTube - YouTube Ranking 101

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YouTube Ranking 101
By: Chris Kanze

This method will work for any niche, no matter how much competition there is

Step 1: Find the Keyword You Want To Rank For
This is the most important part of the whole process. You can’t just expect to get more traffic to your videos, unless you know where the most traffic will come from.
Throughout this entire guide, we’re going to be using the niche “Free Minecraft Account” as an example to show step by step how to rank videos on YouTube.
First, you want to head over to Google Keyword Tool, or YouTube Ad Tool, and type in your niche.

As you can see, when I searched for “Free Mincraft Account” in the YouTube Ad Tool, that phrase is being searched, globally, around 37,000 times. Now, if there was a variation of this, that was similar to our niche, but had more searches then we would rank for that keyword. But in this case, the keyword we’re going to rank for, is “Free Minecraft Account”.

Now that we have found the keyword we’re going to rank for, we can move on!

Step 2: Uploading Your Video
For our title, you want to first put the keyword we’re searching for, followed by relevant data or anything that pertains to the niche.

Free Minecraft Account Generator – Download + Tutorial – Working
For our description, you want to include the keyword you’re ranking for as much as possible.

Download Minecraft Account Generator Here: Example Domain

This Minecraft Account Generator will allow you to generate unlimited premium Minecraft accounts that are all free! The Free Minecraft Account Generator is guaranteed to work, and is completely free, download above!

YouTube (Your video URL)
For our Tags, you also want to include the keyword first, followed by several variations of the keyword

Free Minecraft account, free Minecraft account generator, Minecraft account, Minecraft account generator
Never, include keywords that aren’t relevant to the keyword you’re trying to rank for, it will only hurt your ranking.

Now that you have successfully uploaded your video, you can move onto the next and most important step of all.

Step 3: YouTube Views

As we all know there are many ways to get free views, but there is a problem with those. The problem is that most free view exchanges only allow you to view a video for 30 seconds, which is going to decrease your rank, since YouTube changed their algorithm to rank by "Time Watched" or "Retention Rate".

For example, a video with 1,000 hits of 0:30 views, would rank lower than a video with 50 hits of 2:00 views.

I've been using YTViewIt:Buy YouTube Views | Buy High Audience Retention YouTube Views | Buy Real YouTube Views for a very long time for 99% Retention views (Views 99% of your video, no matter the length) to rank my videos to the top within 1-3 days. Their prices are also the cheapest on the market. If you purchase $8 worth of views (30,000 Views) you'll most likely rank on any niche since they over deliver at around 300%.

Best of luck warriors! Any questions? Skype me: spud7001
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    Thanks for the great advice, I'll try it!
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    No problem man! If you have any questions just contact me!
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    Skype is spud7001 I just got an iPhone so I'm always online
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    Been getting the same questions allot, yes these views DO help ranking ALLOT
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      Hey there,

      Thank you for your post. I have heard about a lot of ways in order to gain traffic to youtube videos. I can't seem to find an example of your site in your post. Do you have, by any chance, a video that gained traffic based on the technique you mentioned? Thanks a lot!

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    Great to see such a tool. The advertiser can now sponsor best videos bidding high. more views will bring you more advertisers.
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