Penalty from Duplicate Videos on YouTube?

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Hey everyone,

I'm working with an online business that has a pretty strong YouTube presence.

Anyway, before they set up their YouTube channel, the guys that started the business would just upload videos to their personal YouTube accounts.

Then, when they started the separate channel for the business, they uploaded some of the old videos again.

Do you know if this would this cause any kind of penalty to be placed on the business' YouTube channel?

Like YouTube might think they stole the original videos or that they are duplicate content?

And if so, do you think this would impact just the individual duplicate videos, or if it could cause some kind of penalty to the entire channel?

Any thoughts would really help.
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    they cannot upload the same video
    youtube will not allow them
    what they can do is add the logo of the company
    in the begging of the video
    so it looks diferent and after they upload
    i think there shouldnt be a problem
    if they are the owners of the content

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    Youtube will remove those videos that have the exact duplicate content from some other videos.

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    I think the best way to answer this is to ask a question...Do the duplicate videos help Youtube and its users, or just the owners of the videos? If it's just the owners, there could well be a problem. If not now, at some point down the line.

    I suggest making short, relevant (but different) videos and post them on a seperate channel(s). Then use these secondary channels to create link "silos" to your money channel.
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      Add something to video at beginning end and/or middle. Make sure you change the length of the video. Vids with same title and exact length are very easy to spot.
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    I had some duplicate videos
    they got never deleted.

    It really shouldn't make any problems
    from my experience.
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      Thanks for the replies...

      Both the original videos on the individual personal channels and on the combined company channel were uploaded a long time ago (a few years).

      I'm just curious if having the duplicate videos on the company channel would somehow cause an algorithm penalty to be placed on the company channel that would keep it from ranking as well as it otherwise might.


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    this tips work for me hope this works for you too.. If i convert video to another format such as .mp4 to .flv , youtube not mark that video as duplicate content.. Hope it can helps

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    Is there anyone around that really knows for sure just how much difference there must be between a video and a variation that you upload either to the same channel or another youtube channel, and whether you actually need another account for every set of variations on the videos of the account where the original lives?

    For example, I have a video advertising chiropractic services, and am having a VA make multiple variations so I can use it in different cities. Would it be unique enough if she changed the length slightly, changed the order of slides or added a new one, or left the slides the same, but changed the visual effects in the background, and changed the music, or merely started and ended the song at different points?

    And do I need a new channel for every variation on the videos I uploaded on the first channel? And if I do use different channels, does it matter if Google/youtube will know the same person owns them all?
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    You can change the name or the content of the video but make sure you also change the length of the video by editing it. Otherwise, its easy for youtube to detect that video as duplicate upload.
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      Originally Posted by dash0205 View Post

      You can change the name or the content of the video but make sure you also change the length of the video by editing it. Otherwise, its easy for youtube to detect that video as duplicate upload.
      Thanks for the tip. What about other changes, or do you think it's enough to change the title, description, tags and length? What about music, slides, etc?

      Also, in regard to tags, do you think it would be okay to have some tags in common as long as each video has different keyword variations?
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        Do not target the exact same keyword, change the video length, change the audio track if you can, I have sets of videos 6, 7, 8 videos all basically from the original video all targeting different keywords and all targeting different towns/cities and I have been doing this for years without any penalty. so my advice is as long as there are differences then to Goog and YT they are different videos, I have never had a video or channel taken down.

        Hope this helps :-)

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          WWW is a place where anything duplicate is against the laws.
          (Exception: If it has the right with respect to the terms of the original uploader)
          Whether it will be a video or content or images.

          Specially brands like google never tolerate duplicate content, multimmedia or anything.
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    Ive seen some people uploading same or very similar pointless videos to hundreds of accounts pointing to their sites, they are ranked in millions, I would def not do that make sure they are unique and serve a different purpose and it is so unnatural to have that many people sharing your videos unless they are posting reviews or in your affiliate program.
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