How I got over 600 "Pins" from Pintrest and how you can too...

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Hey Warriors. Just wanted to share my little secret to getting a TON of pins from Pintrest.

Here's the basic concept - create an infograph around a hot topic in your niche and then share it to social media sites.

Take a look at my infograph that got pinned over 600 times:

21 Amazing Social Media Stats, Facts & Figures (Infograph) | Unstoppable Profits

In fact, my infograph went viral it its first 24 hours. I had over 150 pins, not to mention some Likes, Google+'s and a handful of Tweets.

Your big question now is: "Does it actually generate traffic?".

The answer: YES, it does. Not all 600 people who pinned it will visit your site because the way Pintrest works is that they see the pinned graphic in If they click the thumbnail it enlarges. Now, if they click the enlarged image, they land on your page.


Now here's the strategy:

1) Choose a hot topic.

2) Research and list a few facts/figures/stats about the subject.

3) Pass the details on to an infograph designer. You can find plenty on Make sure he/she adds YOUR URL on the infograph. I placed mine at the bottom of the infograph.

4) Post it the infograph on your blog. Make sure to add a call-to-action at the end of your post encouraging your readers to feel free to share it.

5) Share your infograph blog post to the world. More specifically, use Google+. It's amazing how responsive users are on Google+.

Simply join Google+ Communities related to your infograph.

Next, share your infograph blog post to the communities you joined.

Not only are you sharing something valuable, you're also gonna get a ton of social traffic too.

Enjoy and give it a try!
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