Which better way for facebook ad?

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I am giving you 4 scenario
1. facebook ad -> facebook fan page( app with redirect code)-> landing page
2.facebook ad -> facebook fan page( app with squeeze page iframe)
3.facebook ad->landinging page

In 1st and second option i will try to promote fan page but give landing view my app.

in 3rd option , it is sorts of external web link...
What is better choice, would u please recommend.
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    Well, the worst one obviously is the 3rd option. You will have targeted traffic to your landing page, but it will cost much more. The best thing is advertising your Facebook fan page, then you can redirect your fans from there to your landing page.

    It is much cheaper, there are some great methods how to get almost 0.00$ Facebook Ads.
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    Well... it really depends on what your end goal is and what exactly you're selling. Different niches respond different ways to advertisements but as a general answer, I would go with the first or second option.
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  • Thisisraz,

    It seems like all of your scenarios end up at the same end result but they are just hosted in different areas or one takes more steps than another.

    First off, I would nix the first option. It is not a better idea to send someone through another step in a conversion funnel if you don’t have to. If your landing page will not be effective by sending people straight to it, it won’t be any more effective if you make them perform one more step to get there.

    So that leaves you with scenario 2 or 3 which are basically the same thing but one is hosted from within Facebook and one is not. Frankly you should be focusing less on where the conversion is happening and more on the design of your landing page (whether that page is on your website or on your Facebook page). It doesn’t matter where you send visitors as long as you deliver on your value proposition promised in your ad, have an easy and obvious action to perform and an enticing deal.

    Here are some tips on landing page design,

    84 Tips For A Killer Landing Page Design - ROI Factor Blog

    Hope that helps,

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