What else can I do to get approved by BuySellAds?

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I have been writing on personal branding, business development, WordPress, Blogging related topics mainly on my blog Kumar Gauraw - Personal Branding | Social Media Strategy | Business Development | Entrepreneur and I get an average traffic of about 100 unique visitors a day (sometimes up, sometimes down).
I heard that BuySellAds approves only if a website has 100000 impressions? I've got my Alexa rank improved, a few pages on my website have PR of 2 and 3 (though home page is still PR1).
I ask of you respectfully to recommend a few things from your experience that you think I should do (or change) to not only increase traffic to my website, but mainly to ensure that I get BuySellAds approval. Any suggestions?
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    I bought some ad space though that website with badass images that had nutty CTR on google display network and I didn't get a single click after 200 impressions on a site.

    I'll never media buy through them again.

    However you can arbitrage your site by buying cheap ads on BuySellAds and then selling your impressions for more money.
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    kumargauraw, there are so many other ways to monetize your blog--why are you focused on BuySellAds specifically? Sell Text Link Ads, AuthorLinks, LinkWorth links, Google AdSense ads.

    Buy or Sell Links Based on Authorship Status at AuthorLinks.net

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      Thanks bhartzer. Google Adsense is good for sure. Other than that, would you recommend some awesome Ad networks?
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