Where should I have accounts?

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To promote a blog site or forum...

I am planning to make as many social media accounts as possible and use sites that allow promotion of blogs and sharing sites. I am just wondering a few different things.

What are the best sites?
Which should I use first?
Would you advise any in particular not to use?

  • Instead of choosing "all the social medias", I would focus on the primary ones.

    Build up a reputation and post high quality content regularly.

    Personally I can recommend:
    • Facebook (Great free traffic)
    • LinkedIn (Not suitable for all niches)
    • Forums in your niche (Great free traffic as well, if done right)
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    Add social media sharing gadget in your blog site or forum to let it's audience to share them. Do not create hundreds of social accounts by yourself.

    You should do some forum posting or try some solo ads in order to get quick traffic. I personally like yahoo answers too.
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    How about doing some research on your target market.

    What social media sites to they use? Where do they hang out.

    Don't waste time on something that won't be seen by your target market.
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  • MrJack,

    AllanWard has hit the nail on the head. No one can tell you which networks are best without knowing characteristics of your target market. For example if you have a blog or forum that focuses on hacker topics like “the best ways for hackers to design DDOS attacks”, that market is probably not going to be on Facebook or LinkedIn. By contrast, if you are selling home making items and your target market is young stay at home mothers, LinkedIn is probably not going to be a large focus for you but maybe Facebook and Pinterest would be.

    Think of social networks like channels on television that have their own brand of programming. Advertisers buy ad time on networks and channels that feature programming that their target market watches. You wouldn’t see ads for Lexus SUV’s during Saturday morning cartoons on Nickelodeon.

    Granted that Facebook and some other networks are so large that it is likely that your target market would be there but you should look into it first before investing a lot of time and money trying to get traction. Find out who your audience is and then find out where they spend their time. You might even find that social media is not a good place to get exposure at all.

    Here is a good piece on defining your target market,

    How to define your target audience the right way


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      I definitely agree with the last couple of posts. Although social media sites are increasingly popular avenues for site promotion nowadays, they do have a specific set of regular audiences and visitors, which could make them potential traffic targets. Figure out your target audiences first before you choose which social media sites to utilize in order to promote your site. Best of luck to you!

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    Thank you all very much for you input and opinion, I will take your advice, do some reading and pop back into this thread further down the line to see exactly how it has gone.
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      Thank you all very much for you input and opinion, I will take your advice, do some reading and pop back into this thread further down the line to see exactly how it has gone.
      Sounds great! Glad to see you are taking action from the advice given to you.

      Oh and remember be consistence, consistency will get you results.

      Good luck.
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