Authority question - How do you get over the fear of putting your real name on websites?

by zardon
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Hello there

If you're selling social media marketing, offering consultancy or any kind of offline marketing consultancy you may need some kind of authority, legitimacy, credibility -- or in other words, Trust.

There are lots of ways to do this, such as video, testimonials, links, case studies, portfolio pieces, pictures, content, all sorts.

But I've noticed a trend where websites are now asking for your real identity (well it could be a pseudonym I guess) on websites like, linkedin, Google+, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

I, and probably other marketeers, have a fear or anxiety over putting their real name, real identity, pictures, or whatever of themselves on the Internet.

Even stuff like putting my face,voice on Youtube scares the hell out of me. But yet, I know I have to do it.

If I'm doing it with someone else, its cool; but by myself I find it very, very difficult.

So my question is, how did you as a marketeer get over this fear, anxiety or loss of privacy -- and what made you make this jump?

Many thanks
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    If you're afraid of success, you're afraid to look stupid."

    With that said, I have videos of me on my YT channel showing my acne and acne scars.

    Personal development and motivation

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      Originally Posted by denZer View Post

      If you're afraid of success, you're afraid to look stupid."

      With that said, I have videos of me on my YT channel showing my acne and acne scars.
      Wow. beautifully quoted it. I liked it man!
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    You can try marketing the brand rather than yourself as much as possible. You can also use gigs on Fiverr to hire spokespeople to do videos and whatnot.
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    Just Do It.
    No one is going to come round to your place punch you in the head for doing it bad.
    I am 65 and I have videos on youtube of me.
    The sooner you start the better.
    Remember in life as well as online, everything you do is an experiment.
    All the best.
    Bruce Stewart
    First 10 Modules for Free.
    Online Business Building Academy
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    Makes sense. Probably just worried about nothing. Next step -- demo some videos and see if it works.
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      This is pretty common but many may be embarrassed to speak on it or admit to it. Some may have privacy concerns and that is understandable but if you are doing business especially with the general public then you yourself will be doing business out in the public marketplace.

      It's kinda like leaving your house to go to work or to open up an offline shop or office. If you do any advertising and you are a single proprietor or have a very small staff then you are pretty much the face of your business. Bob's Auto Shop is good ole Bob himself fixing his customers vehicles.

      Social media nowadays is pretty much people becoming internet celebrities of sorts. You can hire public spokespeople or salesmen or clerks as someone mentioned earlier and they can razzle dazzle your prospective clients. This happens in the offline world as well.

      Whatever is comfortable for you and your situation will do as long as you get and keep some satisfied customers and clients.
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