Do Twitter users see @ messages?

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Hi Guys,

When someone messages you with the @ symbol on twitter does the user get an email or drawn to the fact they have had someone messages them with the @ message format.

Thanks in advance for any advice.
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    If they're account is set to receive notifications through email when that happens they will. I don't think it is turned on by default. They WILL see you in the @mentions however. Since most people have a Twitter app on their phones these days they'll probably find your tweet that way rather than through an email.

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    They will see it if they check their @ connects but not everyone checks all the time ands some have too many messages both direct and private to pay attention to either. Often even celebrities check to some extent but I rarely have celebrities tweet back. I once had a short conversation with Tom green before he started ignoring me again.
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    Thanks for the help on this guys, the advice you have given has helpt with a project i am putting together.
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