Facebook is driving me mad

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Facebook is driving me mad.
I have a business called Extra Speech, so a week ago, I created a user name called extraspeech. I wanted to create a company page with a the following link: www.facebook/extraspeech.
But I can't. www.facebook/extraspeech leads me to my facebook admin page. Does anybody know how I can change my admin page url so I can later create a real www.facebook/extraspeech?
This thing's driving me mad.
Thanks in advance for the help.

Please ignore question. It just so happened that I was logged in under my real name, so I had to log out, log in as extraspeech to be able to edit my facebook/extraspeech page. Not intuitive at all.
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    If you have any more issues ask your question on YouTube. There is a multitude of how to videos available to make life easier.
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    Wow, you are in 2% of population of good guys who update their posts with solutions to their problems after dealing with them on their own

    Backup and maintenance plugin for WordPress

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    I am confused about your question. Btw Good technical promote here.
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    1. Create the "Fan page" you plan to use.
    2. Change admin account url so it is no longer extraspeech
    3. Change fan page to extraspeech

    That used to work not sure if it still does.
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    Originally Posted by wordofmousecomputer View Post

    I created a user name called extraspeech.
    Well right from the door your breaking Facebook TOS. You can only have one Facebook account. If you want to make fanpages for your company you need to do it under your real account, in your real name. I cant understand why people have such a problem with this.
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    • Thank you for all who tried to help.
      I'd like to say this was a real problem and not a cheap attempt for me to seo my website. sorry if that came up this way. I don't mind the administrators to remove my link, now the problem is sorted.
      As for creating a facebook company page, I didn't know you couldn't create another facebook user name for your company. I thought it didn't make sense to mix my personal life and contacts with my business. I'd rather compartmentalize.
      btw, I wonder how big corporations like ibm or coca cola create their company page?
      I'm curious to know how they did it without using a personal account (and whose account it is).
      Unless they all did like me and broke facebook TOS?
      well, Just a thought ...
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    Change your account link to something else and then try changing fanpage username...
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