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My FB fans are not increasing in number (Stuck at 27 for long time )
. I am in fat loss/ health niche.

Any tricks to increase the fan following?
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    Originally Posted by Santr123 View Post

    My FB fans are not increasing in number (Stuck at 27 for long time )
    . I am in fat loss/ health niche.

    Any tricks to increase the fan following?
    Find an active fanpage that's related to you niche and join the those who make post...and reply them back with compliment...

    Cheap service - fiverr but useless...

    or syndd - robot..dirty
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    Look into doing some smart targeted marketing with FB ads. There are plenty of good tips in the forums for the right way (vs the wrong way) to market and grow your FB fan page. It might take $10 but you can really do something exciting with that. I just started a campaign and I am paying about $0.01 a click right now which is really exciting.
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      If I were you, the very first thing I will do is to encourage my fans to promote my FB page. Your first fans can be your biggest endorsers. Ask them to share your page with their Facebook friends and encourage likes. Make this exciting by offering them a mutually beneficial deal.

      For example, you can say "Share our page and get the chance to win this freebie." Post a picture of that freebie and make it really interesting. You can give away samples of your products, it's really up to you.
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    You can get various articles in internet about it to learn basic steps, but if you want to create a fan page for a particular category like car (sport), so you needs to find similes fan page to compare them, check what you like on the pages.
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    Hi Santr
    Hi Santr

    visit You can ask for people to like and you return the like. Kevin who runs the group will share your page for FREE he also as other pages you can like and you are allowed to put an advert on each week for FREE just remember to return the like and share. Good luck.

    Like my page and share I'll do the same for you
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    addmefast? But I don't know if there's quality in there. But you could definitely get some likes there.

    Free advertising for your services -

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    I would suggest getting a twitter account as well, and cross promote the two social medias.

    Then you can get some "paid" fans and followers to simulate growth of the pages. As these numbers go up, others will follow naturally.

    You can also do a little SEO for the pages, and have people find you.
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    Yeah, I agree with WebTheorem, SEO helps you much better.
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      But keep the content unique, and do it slow and steady.
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    To get more fans, shares and likes, you must post every day a small article, a picture, something that people would like, and if possible, to be related to your niche. Most people would share funny or extraordinary pics/articles.
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    Start with liking other business fan page that is also associated with your line of business. For example if you are into selling clothes like fan pages that is into make-up, shoes and jewelleries. Having a good relationship with them is an advantage since they can refer you on their customers. Make your fan page presentable too and don’t brag your products every time on your posts. Always answer the inquiry of the consumer right away and add some promo on your products quarterly or twice a year.
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    I agree with the above advice given. Keep the content fresh and interesting. Try to ask them questions. You can get likes dirt cheap if you know what you're doing.
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    Thanks for the tips, I've been working on building a fan page and I'm getting suck as well.

    I think I'll look into maybe some memes and asking my current fans to share my page.
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    Find a Facebook game that you like.. Join, make friends, ask them personally to like your page. It's a social network, be social.
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    I used one trick and it worked 100%
    Post any funny picture related to your niche. Now get more likes and share for that picture from Addmefast. This will go viral and can get you lots of fans. Repeat the same trick and enjoy tons of fans.
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