Why You Need to Establish Yourself as an Authority on Google+

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8 Reasons Why You Need to Establish Authority on Google+
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    Reading that article I want to know what might be the PR of a site in the next update if it has recieved +1 7 times. Any idea?

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      In 2013 the search results game has changed, SEO post panda and all it's mini updates. Has changed the rules for good. Google wants to dethrone Facebook as the number one social media platform, and the way it's going to do that is through Google plus. Google plus is in its infancy stage so, this is a great opportunity for us to see what are the tools that Google is going to give us to use so we can influence the search results in the Google search engine. So in that article Jeff did a great job testing out four new sites by promoting them only through his Google + page and using authorship. And in a short time those sites were showing up in the organic search results. So break apart that article and let's discuss the results…. also read the case study

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    Goood read ! Thank you !
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    This was a very enlightening article on Google Plus. I thought it was interesting in the case study that it was noted that Google+ authorship alone doesn't help with rankings rather a Google+ share from an established account is what propels niche sites into a quality ranking.

    Nevertheless, the case study shows the power of using Google+ and authorship to get sites ranked, especially if you are providing quality content both on your website and Google+ account.

    Another thing I found interesting in the article/case study was the limitation Google has on the number of sites you can be a contributor on - which appears to be 10. Good to know.

    Thanks for the share Derrick, I've been wanting to get more up-to-speed on Google Plus.

    T E R I
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      Food for thought, about the future success of Google +…
      1. Google has a track record
      2. Google is dead serious about this business
      a. the word on the street, is Google + is top priority at Google
      3. Google has infinite money and talent
      4. Google owns the river
      a. AKA (Google.com search engine)
      5. Google owns the playing field
      a. AKA (Google family of tools like Gmail, Google calendar, Google drive,
      Google Docs, Google Adwords, Google Analytics, Google keyword tool)

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    Click this link if you want to learn more about Google Authorship and how to set it up.

    Google Authorship, Author Stats and Author Rank - YouTube

    Look forward to your feedback..
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