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How to get more followers on pinterest? Any software or just buy followers? If buy , what is the normal price?
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    Follow people and they will eventually follow you back, Also hashtags are popular on pinterest too these are the ones helping users to easily find your content. So use them, but try to be relevant and don’t overdo it. Another thing you can do is Sync Your Pinterest Account With Social Websites like Facebook, Twitter etc. You can also buy followers.
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    Keep on following people in your niche and offer / share interesting content. Also, like azizali88 said, sync your account with your other social media accounts. This way you are able to create awareness through a variety of means.

    There are tons of websites that you can buy follows on, but you have to ask yourself what the point is. If you have 200 people following you, but none of them are real, you are really not making an impression on anyone...
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    Don't buy pinterest followers, they would always be fake..
    Try to make boards having optimized keywords, pin regularly , make some contributor boards
    Originally Posted by SundayForever View Post

    How to get more followers on pinterest? Any software or just buy followers? If buy , what is the normal price?
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    well the only thing that would get you followers on the flow is update your pinterest with interesting pins and people on pinterest will notice you if you update it frequently. also if they follow you its best to follow them back too. I agree with the don't buy pinterest followers most likely they are all just spams and there's no such thing as buy pinterest followers you needed to work hard for it.
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    I agree with the others - the best way to get new followers is to follow people yourself and many of them will follow you back.

    You also need to post pins that they'll want to re-pin, and when they do, some of their followers will follow you just from seeing the pins.

    By pinning regularly, you'll gain more followers consistently. And as you gain followers, more people will see your pins and possibly re-pin them, bringing you even more followers.
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    I advise you not to buy its either fake followers or followers not interested with your product/service. Try to get followers which are real ones by sharing relevant photos/links to your boards.
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    The key here is just provide more interesting pictures. If they are boring, why would anyone follow you?
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    I would take the more personal approach than just the waiting side of things. All of the points above are great, but try getting more personal with each of your followers.

    For instance, if someone has followed you, go onto their page and comment on something that they have pinned and compliment it. By doing this you have done three things...most likely you have brought that follower back to your page once again, you have established at least a spark of a relationship, and you have made the comment public. If you compliment a "hot" or really nice item, people will see your comment and click on you through there.

    But at the end of the day - per my wife..."just pin really good pins...that's all."
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    Don't use any software. You can increase your Pinterest followers manually. Try to follow the people who are related to your niche and start pinning the images that are very attractive. Then you will see some improvement in your Pinterest followers.
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    Create boards according to your desired niche, pin interesting eye catching items regularly, follow back people who follow you, and provide more and more attractive and meaningful images in order to attract visitors.
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    If you want to develop a list of followers, you have to update Pinterest regularly and employ only visually fascinating images that appeal to people to your posts. It is also helpful if you frequently pin craft items along with information on how to build all of them (recipes may work too) so that your ideas may spread and people may talk about your pins later on.
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    Well at Pinterest it's advisable for you to post interesting and nice pictures that will catch your viewers attention. Also paid followers wont do you any good.
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    Follow more people related to your niche, they will follow you back. Post interesting and unique images and info grahics, surely they will follow you.
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      to OP, I think your taking step in right direction because we have found Pinterest to be highest converting Social Media Site...and its not even close. Remember few things: 80% of post on Pinterest are repins (that means there is not whole lot of original content going on but rather..same photos being repinned over and over). Because we run a business and have business name we are somewhat limited on Pinterest because most will not accept us contributors for their pages. So you should create personal account if you can and put a picture of your self (look non spammy) and really start finding contributor boards that have thousand of followers. Request to be a contributor poster on those boards and this will grow your following the fastest.
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    Why would you buy followers if your objective is to get them to buy? Pinterest is awesome for driving FREE traffic to your website. I follow no one and I have a ton of followers that convert to buyers. All done by creating free boards that are of interest to people. They re-pin or follow a board. All of the pins on my boards have a link back to my site. They follow it and buy. Just create boards with keywords and compelling images, the rest will follow.
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      NewbieLifer:You don't follow anybody, and you get people to go to your link and buy? How do you do that? I have gotten one of my pins to go viral (468 repins in 2 days), and so far have ZERO buyers!
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        Originally Posted by prof611 View Post

        NewbieLifer:You don't follow anybody, and you get people to go to your link and buy? How do you do that? I have gotten one of my pins to go viral (468 repins in 2 days), and so far have ZERO buyers!
        468 repins in 2 days. That is awesome. I haven't done that good yet. But, like you said, if it's 0 buyers, it is frustrating. I only get about 3-5 sales per week from Pinterest. What are you pinning? The pins that convert for me are ones that only my target market would be interested in. They consist of images like the free ebook that they can get if they sign up for my email list and images that have a title and link that takes them to articles on how to do something (on my website. Within the article is a soft sell of my products). That is what has been converting for me. However, I only get about 3-5 sales per week from Pinterest. Not sure if that is because my niche is very small or perhaps because I don't follow anyone.
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    I don't think there is a tool that can add pinterest followers automatically but as for me the best way to do so is to follow more people and at the same time pin interesting stuff to attract more people to follow you.
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    Hi Sunday,

    I think buying followers to increase your fan base can be an easy option.But that will not going to help you to add value to your account as most of the followers are from different surface.

    Just follow the people from your niche and they will surely follow you back.

    Create some boards for your topics and invite friends to pin there.That will help you a lot to make your board popular and also your profile.

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    Follow people within your niche, like and share their stuff and ask them to share yours, this is another way you can get followers.
    If you have a Facebook, Twitter account and have huge followers, you can connect with them with your pinterest.
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    Originally Posted by SundayForever View Post

    How to get more followers on pinterest? Any software or just buy followers? If buy , what is the normal price?
    No, Pin interesting, topical and trending matter on your Pinterest account and repin for 30 mins everyday!

    Your P page will grow like wildfire!
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    Contributor boards are a good idea to build a community and relationship with others. It will widen your reach. Other then that, just build slowly. Don't buy useless followers. Just build organically and interact with others. It's a snowball effect!
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    follow others so you will eventually get followers, also keep sharing interesting things on your account to attract followers
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  • Don't waste your money buying people as they could be from 3rd world country's and not have money to spend on your site. Find different and fun pictures plus pictures that are to do with your niche. Follow other people and if you have fun pin's people will follow you.
    Good luck.

    Please do not use affiliate links in signatures

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    I have a few boards on Pinterest which are of what I follow personally in life and if people like my pin's, then they re-pin and follow me.

    I would never buy followers..................this would be crazy, just so it looks like I have many followers!!!!

    I am still wondering if its really worth the time and effort, as I would love to be able to get some stats about people coming from my pins etc

    Have a great weekend and lets hope Hamilton on pole has a good F1 race today!!!!
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