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Has anyone has success with google+ niche pages. I have created two tailored around my niche and has not seen a lick of traffic or success yet.
  • Deebee,

    I am not surprised. I have seen some businesses (mostly tech, development or marketing related) get a lot of attention on Google Plus and then other businesses not so much. I think part of the success some businesses have seen is because they are actively participating on the platform and also promoting content using plus one buttons and actively promoting their page.

    Remember that not all networks are appropriate for all businesses and niches.

    Maybe you can find some ideas here,

    How to Promote Your Google Plus Page | Verda Design


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    Google plus is a great platform for establishing a good online presence. You can also create a professional company group where you can share the blogs / articles that you have published. You can invite people to join your group. It takes time to establish a strong network in Google plus however it is worth the effort.

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      Even though it takes time to make a serious group in google plus but it's worth the effort.
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    It looks so much as if google plus attract mainly profession types just like linkedin. For that reason you'd probably struggle to sell dog training manual on it.
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    Google Plus in my opinion at the moment is more focused on local marketing and SEO.

    I've seen HUGE benefits from local marketing on G+ and know it's going to have an even bigger impact in the future.

    But I will say, if you gain followers in your niche, whatever niche that may be, their search results will show up many of your G+ status updates and suggestions in Google.

    That alone could be a huge benefit in any niche, no matter how big or small.

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