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Hi Everybody,

I need to work on online marketing campaign for Architecture Application. that allows the user drag and drop features and specially aimed for the Professionals. Right now..i am collecting , Application bloggers, Architects, Tradeshow, and Press releases to advertise the app.

i would love to hear your suggestions and some ideas about promoting these Apps.

Cheers !
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    An application targetting architecture professionals? You are aiming for a small niche. Your consumers are going to be architect students, architect professors, and anyone in the architecture industry needing apps. My suggestion would be to advertise the app into similar apps, and contact universities, tradeshows, anywhere that can promoted your app into the eyes of people who might need your app.

    Partner up with textbook publishers so that they can use your app as a media supplement for textbook reading Partnerships is a good way to spread the word.
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    • Specific Architecture magazines, blogs, websites, portal might help. You can either create affiliation banners to use on these venues with a revenue-sharing model, or do some AdWords and Facebook Ads targeting Architecture professionals.

      You are aiming at a niche, so you have to closely scout the people who might be interested in your app and have them tell colleagues and enthusiasts about it.

      My 2 cents.
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    promoting apps won't bring in a lot of money - unfortunately, you'll get just a few cents from itunes. i´d rather add adwords as silvio said.

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      You could pitch to different app review sites. Maniacdev has compiled 170+ app review sites to begin with: iOS App Review Sites – 174 Sites For iPhone And iPad App Reviews

      For Android, might want to try these sites (Alexa rank as of December 2012):
      Android Central 2,677
      App Brain 5,715
      Android Police 6,298
      Phandroid 9,366
      Android Community 9,420
      Apps Zoom 9,551
      Android and Me 13,560
      Talk Android 18,058
      Android Tapp 37,725
      Android Guys 46,789
      Tapscape 60,848

      Hope it helps!
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    ads on architecture forums
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    Architecture apps is not something you see everyday and definitely not a tool that is useful of the mass majority for their everyday lives. If you are really serious about this, don't let us tell you otherwise as we may be wrong. We aren't experts on this field but you have to expect that your target here is very limited. Mobile marketing certainly won't work so my best suggestion is email marketing and building your list starting from classified ads.
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    Thank you eveybody ...based on that i have comeup with lot of ideas..i even wrote a blog post about it too...
    Few contacting to the bloggers to review the app...and tradeshows....Adopting the websites and restructuring them to promote our page..i hope this thing works. beside all the Advertising
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      Make a video about your App + the problem it solves, upload it to YouTube (link your App page to it).

      This quickly brings you more people to see your App.

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