Facebook Promoted Post Vs Advertisement

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Which one is better? Facebook advertisement or Promoted Post?

I used promoted post/Boost post and experienced some Good and bad sides of this feature.

Good Sides:

1. Easy to launch. No technical knowledge. Just few clicks.
2. Budget friendly.

Bad sides:

1. It will reach to the peoples who have liked the page and their friends only.
2. You have to pay more to reach to more people.
3. Its not easy to create engagement by promoted post.
4. Its just a waste of money if you want to increase your likes/Fans.

Promoted post is better for small business to promote their offer and events. For increasing likes and spreading through a specific class people Advertising better than promoted post.

So, Above all, Facebook Promoted Post Sucks.
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  • Flowingevents,

    I would say that the promoted posts are a little more effective overall because they are showing up in a person’s feed and you can customize them more than the smaller ad. You can also do things like video. They are also harder to ignore than the ads on the right.

    For your bad sides, you can do a sponsored story instead and then you can configure who sees it (for example only people who have not liked your page).

    Hope that helps,

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    I guess you answered your own question.
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      Originally Posted by PBMax View Post

      I guess you answered your own question.

      Promoted posts is what Ecommerce/Online retailers use on their fanpage to promote products/special offers among their existing fanbase. The advantage is that a larger image size to highlight product/offer along with freedom to write copy to encourage conversions from the Newsfeed placement.

      The social proof (likes, comments & shares) are also there for all fans to see so they end up converting better than standard Ads in most cases.
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        Hi Flowing Events,

        We get our best results from Page Post Ads. So it's similar to a promoted post, but it sits on the right hand side where the ads are.

        You can target as you can a normal ad, but it get's higher engagement because of the social proof element.

        If you go into your page and create a post as you would for a promoted post, but then go into the ads platform, select your page and click promote page post. You'll then see a drop down box show up with all your posts and you can select the one you want and continue to target very specifically.

        We're running these every day and seeing phenomenal results!


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      Originally Posted by PBMax View Post

      I guess you answered your own question.
      I guess too.. there is a lot of information in the question regarding the answer, which may itself solve the problem.
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    I prefer post promotion, it will target more detailed audience.
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      Value for money according to me is the "boost" function on the posts itself because you are paying based on impressions.

      However if you want more TARGETED traffic straight clicks to your website then the ads on the right are worthwhile only if you can get a good CPC rate the last one I used cost me 35p a click and my budget got blown in a few minutes.

      If you have people on your page that have actually LIKED your page because its interest to them then you have put yourself in a good position because most likely the friends of them also have the same interest therefore when you use the page promotion it will work effectively according to my tests.
      Stay Humble
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    The promote a post feature is pretty good in facebook. It is a bit expensive for the results I got. Spent about $300 and got about 200 likes for our page and a bunch for posts. The only thing I don't like about promote a post is it doesn't give you a range area. People in Michigan were seeing the post when I'm targeting Las Vegas and Henderson. You can only set a range if you do an ad campaign, but no option on promote a post.
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    For a eCommerce store, if we want to promote our Promotional Offers, What would you preferred


    The total cost for each is differ.
    for promote page it starts minimum 126 Rs to some high
    to Boost Post it costs some 2k/day for Min 22k to 48k.

    i would like to know the ad display area for both two and which one should be useful for us.
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    We would all love it if we didn't have to boost our posts, but the truth is that we must pay to pay. I like the boost post feature, its especially useful when pages are starting out.

    You can induce engagement if your posts are good enough to be engaged. Once you're having a nice reach, and people start to like you then you won't have to boost anymore or atleast you'll have to boost less.

    Ads are just for increasing likes. Ads won't generate engagement either will they? They're good for likes but they're not good for engagement.

    You can run ads and get likes, but what do you do with those likes if people can't see your posts. This is where boosted posts come in.

    In my POV both of these are complementary to each other. Once can't exist without the other.

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