Holistic SEO? Hand churn those backlinks!

by PBMax
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So, as a for my Plan B for the SEOpocalypse that Google may wage on us at any given point...

I'm wanting to stock up on some high quality, low OBL websites to slowly submit/hitch my clients' backlinks to. By hand. Slow churning those suckers out like 1800s butter.

The robot revolution may indeed one day take over the planet, but SEO seems to work in reverse time, or at least time is starting to go backwards a bit.

Does automation work now? Of course. Duh. SenukeXCr, a few decent scripts by fellow Warriors, etc can all do the trick. Robots can't write very good and their English sucks, but they do the job for now. However...

I'm started to see the benefit of 1 solid, contextual authority site link versus a 1000 random chunks of mud thrown against the wall. A lot of those don't stick.

So, that said, other than using a keyword trick in Google's search, does anyone have a stellar authority link website list that allows for backlinking (on a small scale for low OBL numbers?)
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