Do these Facebook Advertising Stats even make sense???

by Edge88
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Campaign Reach: 13,220
Frequency: 2.1
Clicks: 2
CTR: 0.007%
Total Spent: $3.44

Correct me if I am wrong, but this says my ad was shown to 13,220 people, and average of 2.1 times each person. Therefore about 27,700 prints.

With 2 clicks, the CTR would be 2/27,700 = 0.00007

That's an extra 2 0s. So now I can only assume that these stats are wrong in one of three ways

1- I got more than 2 clicks, it would have to be 200.
2- FB is displaying an incorrect CTR
3- Or I got much less than 27,700 prints. more along the lines of 277 prints...

Any ideas?

Thanks for reading...
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