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by amro
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Just want to know, when you name a Facebook Fan Page, what is the best practice for new Brand name?

I have two options:

Facebook Page Title= "Brand Name"(For example: "Groupon")


Facebook Page Title= "Brand Name+ Slogan"(For example: "Groupon : Best Deals")

that my brand is still new, i would prefer the second option, but i almost see no one adding the slogan to the page name?!!

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    I've learned that naming a FB page to the tune of an action often results in higher CTRs on the impression.

    Like say your fan page is based around saving money.

    Name the page "Saving money on everyday stuff."

    Then when people "like" it, it will say "So and so likes: Saving money on everyday items." which is more mentally appealing.

    Just my .02
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    I use only the brand name in the facebook page. I think the fb page name should sound easy, friendly and happy. I don't think including the slogan would give you best result because people don't stay to read the 5-6-7 words for a fb page name. They want to notice your name and click on it.
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    I think it really depends on how you're planning on marketing it... If you're strictly just going for brand awareness then I think just the name would suffice. However, if you're looking to run specific campaigns off of it I would suggest including the slogan -if it's catchy and share-worthy.
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    Using keywords in the fan page name can be helpful for coming up in FB niche searches....
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    I agree, that sometimes pages that say a benefit, or something fun will get a higher click through rate. For example, "I love music" will probably get a higher click through rate then Music Inc. Of course there is times when the brand name is vital for promotional purposes. It's good to have two pages. One with the brand name, and one that will attract people that will like your brand.

    That's just my experience. In the end as long as you are very targeted, and give the audience what they want, your brand name can work.
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