How to Make Money With Facebook Fanpage with 141K Fans

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Hi all WF members,

I have a facebook page related to Game and all are genuine and active users. I have 141K fans from globe and Mostly from US.

Now how can i monetize my page to make some bucks. Please give me your ideas and suggestion.

If you want you can visit my page -
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    If you have 141k REAL fans you could monetize this by selling ebooks about strategies/how to for blackops gamers. I think you can find many on clickbank.
    Create a website around this guide and put some posts on facebook back to the posts on your site and off course to your landing page.
    Good luck
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    you could sell it to me
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    you can also try creating a website with adsense on it. This way people won't get pissed of f with you offering ebooks to buy, or fake hacks moneitzed with cpa surveys.
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    sell everything that related to games like game vouchers or else. besides, you could offered affiliation web or ads there.
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    you can profit from cpa offers
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    If your audience are old enough to have a credit card then anything related to call of duty could work, you just have to test, maybe mom could buy them a Black Ops T-shirt on Amazon. If they can't buy

    By the way searching on Amazon for call of duty I see there is a new COD: Ghosts that will be released in November and is available for preorder. So maybe you can start by surveying your fans, asking if they would buy it and mention the preorder. Don't sell, just show. And you never know, when people come to Amazon they may buy stuff they weren't thinking of buying and you make extra sales.

    You may also want to build a website where you post news about COD and monetize with affiliate offers or AdSense as someone suggested.

    Otherwise, there maybe some CPA offers for free online games, or game downloads.

    Try various things, but not all at once. Keep sharing some cool stuff, and add maybe one post a day with an "offer" in the mix.

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    Wow! amazing! ..
    I am bent to provide more value to the marketplace. Connect with me via my Blog YOU CAN CLICK HERE
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      You should add an autoresponder opt-in form to your fan page to give you even greater connection with your audience.

      As a games design student as well as an internet marketer, I suggest that you get a WordPress blog (if you haven't already). You should review games for the current generation or for the next generation. As the PS4 has now been launched, maybe you can review the hardware as well as the games.

      You need to be subtle and not too pushy (you already know that right?) When you write your blog posts, you need to put a link and a little about what the posts are about on your Facebook fan page.

      You should also put a PayPal button at the end of the posts so that if people are impressed with what you are reviewing, they can purchase that and, as an affiliate marketer, you can make some money from it too. It is free of charge to configure a PayPal payment option and put it in your posts.

      I hope this helps
      Twitter: @DaveVerney

      Learn to Build The Facebook Fan Pages You Have Always Wanted - Click Here
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    You can make more than a 1000 dollars per month from Adsense alone.
    Just create a site and monetize it through Adsense. Its' fun.
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    Adsense is tiny money, although you can be prosperous from it. For a FT income you'll need multiple Adsense sites. I would recommend find a product or 3 with resell rights, and then reselling it yourself. That way, you get 100% of the cash for the sale. As another user said, WordPress is easy to set up, and if you want to to be able to market to the same people repeatedly, getting multiple sales from single users, you need to look at starting to build a list. Aweber has their $1 trial to get started, and if looking at longterm success, it's the way to go. Remember, an existing customer is ten times more likely to purchase from you than a new prospect.
    If you're going to direct members to 'click the link in your sig' this is what they'll see.
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    It's very helpful to know the interests of your fans other than they are in the games market. So this would mean specific info about the games they play.

    I am not sure if it's possible to set-up polls on FB. That's something you can explore, and ask them what their favorite games are. Then you can see what's available to market based on that information.

    Or like someone mentioned, you can go with the very popular games and see what sticks.
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    You need to create a funnel for all of your fb fans and for the new ones that are coming in.

    You can create videos and send them to your website after they watch the video.

    Or create a info-graphic about black ops and send then to your website.

    If you are really series about making money I can help you set up the sales funnel and the website so we can use some of my products or offers and we can split everything 50/50.

    I have knowledge from a mastermind of 6 and 7 figure experts on how to increase your fan base and profits almost over night. To be clear you have to be making at least 6 figures to get in to this mastermind. So let me know if you are 100% series about making this year a very profitable one for you.

    Now I do not just give my help to just any one, the reason I am willing to do this with you is because my little brother loves black ops.

    You also need to make sure that you do it right or you can lose your fan page.

    Either way good luck and let mew know how you do

    Sophia Mugnani
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    send u pm . i am interested in your offer. thanks.
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    Originally Posted by webgain View Post

    Hi all WF members,

    I have a facebook page related to Game and all are genuine and active users. I have 141K fans from globe and Mostly from US.

    Now how can i monetize my page to make some bucks. Please give me your ideas and suggestion.

    If you want you can visit my page -
    Hi webgain,

    Will do my best to give you something practical to work with right away

    You can test how much your fanpage is worth by running an offer in your niche (e.g. games), sending them to an opt-in form. Then check stats to see how many people sign up.

    - Gaming guide to call of duty black ops
    - Get notified of new game developments for future versions

    I created a product for the purpose marketing to Facebook pages.

    See it HERE -->

    Sign up and start using it for free. You can export data to your autoresponder when you've collected enough signups.

    If you don't have an autoresponder, no problem - just export it when you need the user data.

    ** Let me know if you run into any trouble -- I can explain via email, phone or through video **

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    You can always do a lot of advertisements, about your products websites, other pages, or you can just sell it for a good amount.
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    My question for you is very simple, do you have an affiliate link or referer link or cpa ? if you dont have what to offer your fans it will be difficult to make money through them.
    It is what you have you can give, it is not possible to give what you dont have.
    let start from e-book, if you hvae an e book that the key words is what your fans are really or 45% of them are really looking for ,you can dash it out ,post the link on your fan page let them download it free.what you are doing simply mean you are building your list when they are able to benefit from that your book, definiately they will respond to what ever you introduce to them,
    all you need is a product that you can sacrifice.
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