Self Sustaining Campaign

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For one of my projects, my goal is to produce a self sustaining and self growing social campaign, curated by the users themselves.

I'm developing a website that entices visitors to interact, create meaningful content and share that content and the website with others. I really like the way a facebook fan page (is it still called that?) can drip content to its followers with the potential for hot posts to spread from likes and I want to make sure I'm doing everything in my ability to facilitate this.

Simplicity, emotions and ease of use are of top priority.

I'd love to hear about your social marketing campaigns and what you would do different next time. My current plan for visibility is a reddit and facebook campaign. The unique part about this site is the individual visitor can browse the creations of others (and like what they like) or create their own (which, if my hunch is correct, will attract an easier like from the visitor).

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