Are Sponsored Facebook Posts Worth The Money?

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I personally don't think so as although I have gotten a bit of traffic I haven't seen any sales from them. In fact, several of my sponsored posts were removed and I strongly feel that I would not have gotten a refund had I not spoken up and said "hey, you removed my sponsored post give me back my money." Does anyone feel any differently about sponsored Facebook posts?

In comparison the traffic wasn't really any greater than that generated by posts that were not sponsored.
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    Yep, we have the same expirience regarding sponsored posts. Simply not worth it, since we got next no none conversions. We got better results with offers tho.
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    If you want to make a sale than Search engine traffic is the best one. I wouldn't invest a penny on facebook if I was looking for potential buyers. You are better off doing some SEO with that amount.
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    Facebook ads in general are a tricky traffic source, unless you posess vast experience in ppc marketing and facebook , the results will seldom be as expected.
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    Think of how stupid the average person is, and realize half of them are stupider than that.

    ― George Carlin
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    for me, its worth it...
    i make a lot of money by using fb sponsor post...

    but it depend to person and many factors..sometime it not so good
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    Welllllll this is how Facebook traffic converts to me.

    Compare that to YouTube for example-

    Worth it?

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    Since facebook promoted page posts really only get your post in front of more people who already like the page (at least with one option), I think it would only be beneficial if you have a page that already converts well. So you know if someone who likes the page is likely to click it, then it might be worth it. But promoting to "friends of fans" or whatever might not work.
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    I'd stick with their normal ads if I were you. When on my personal account, I often sometimes see sponsored posts that I have no interest in (though I guess that could be a problem with the person's ad filters). I don't think they would be any more beneficial than the other options available to you.
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    If your trying to get sales from a sponsored post I think you will be disappointed. Facebook isnt really a place to get sales. At least not directly.
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      Originally Posted by FirstSocialApps View Post

      If your trying to get sales from a sponsored post I think you will be disappointed. Facebook isnt really a place to get sales. At least not directly.
      Tough to disagree with this. Facebook is more about engagement. It truly is about being "social", and most people have already trained their eyes to ignore those ads. Most of the Facebook success is from building Like's and building a relationship with your audience. Definitely no quick and easy FB magic pill.
      If you're going to direct members to 'click the link in your sig' this is what they'll see.
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    Well since the OP's question is ..."it is worth the money?" I think we need to put a value on it.

    If you are looking to make money funneling traffic from F.B. ads of any kind you have to look at the product that is going to draw the attention.

    You can have sponsored posts and sidebar ads. Personally I go with the sponsored posts because it blends in with people walls. Most people ignore the sidebar.

    It comes down to attraction. If you have a picture of a grill and a post that says: "Hey buy this grill." Then of course you will have a hard time getting people to convert.

    However if you use F.B. for small residual income like that of smaller CPA offers like sign ups, email submits, etc. Then you will have a much easier time.

    All it takes is getting their attention and convincing them to just do it. Most likely to make money or get something free.

    C'mon guys we're better than this. ITS FB!
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    Personally for me... it converts well if I use it for my fanpage. But it doesn't really work for my friends (using my personal profile).
    I am bent to provide more value to the marketplace. Connect with me via my Blog YOU CAN CLICK HERE
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