YouTube High Retention Views: a cautonary tale!

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Just thought I'd share an experience with you as a salutary warning! (The full story is here.)
The essence is: I wanted some 100% retention views for my video and contacted a top-rated seller on Fiverr with 100% user satisfaction. I was promised "100% USA based viewership, with 100% view retention" - but when I checked the analytics, the retention was only 20%. Surely some error? There followed a long exchange with the company (I'm not naming them here) where they admitted they knew they weren't giving 100% retention but not to worry because "Retention though- isn't what helps your video rank." and "you need to understand that YouTube changes DAILY. We can't.. continue to keep up with changes (to) our AD COPY daily." - Really? The exchange grew more heated after that...

Anyway, to his credit the CEO got involved, acknowledged the error and offered a full refund and extra gigs free of charge.

My point is - and I know this is basic - PLEASE CHECK that you got what you paid for, and don't hesitate to make your point politely if you didn't.

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    Interesting story but surely you mean a "top rated seller on Fiverr" no??

    Also the link goes to weebly and not the full story????
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      Thanks for the comments - apologies for the stooopid typo and link errors. (Must try harder)
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    full story link did not work

    and i've definitely had some trash come from fiverr.

    I now only deal with 1 person for YouTube work and mainly for likes, to balance out the 'image' of a organic video that has 1MM+ views but only 300 likes
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    There are some good providers at Fiverr, but many who are not delivering quality views. Most of them are from mobile views and just some are offering views 'from' Facebook.
    The only way you to make sure you receive quality views is checking views's statistics and if they are showing not high qaulity views, send a message to the Fiverr's seller and say you are going to cancel or reject work delivered at least he deliver what he offers.


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    When it comes to marketing, I won't use Fiverr for the exact reason that you just poinyed out. Fiverr is still good but for non-marketing work like graphics work.
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    Exactly on point great fiverr designers and writer off cloud so to speak.
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