How To Get Initial Traction to Viral Facebook Fan Page

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I'm curious about the "initial" traction a fanpage needs to gain before making posts that can go "viral". You may have the most awesome posts or videos in the planet, but if you can reach only 10 people, then it's not going to go viral. I'm really curious as to how some Facebook fanpages gained that initial traction in such a short period of time. I know the content has to be AWESOME (preferably funny, etc). For example this Vine fanpage just launched on June 1st, 2013 and has 2 million likes already.

How on earth did they grow that so fast??? Sure the videos are funny, but there are a 1000 other fanpages offering the same funny videos. Is this fan page owned by some of the guys at Twitter (who own Vine)?

I have $1000 to spend a month to bring in more Likes (and hopefully more traffic) to my fanpage. I have a video site that focuses on free daily motivational, inspiring videos. I try to keep the videos new, funny, at the same time inspiring/uplifting. Topics include Lifestyle, social good, etc... I know I'm going after a fairly huge niche (personal development). The long term goal is to reach 1 million uniques per month on my website. As well as 1 million fans on my fan page.

If you had $1000 for a monthly advertising budget, how would you accomplish this?
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    There was a WSO recently that showed exactly how to do that.

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    Check out the fiverr FB like gigs. Be on the lookout for bots or fakes. On the whole, going with Fiverr might make great sense for your campaign because you get to build a mass base fairly quickly and CHEAP.

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    If you have money to invest and you know your target audience then why not just promote your post .People will click on those .
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    $1000 a month will get you roughly 1000 likes on facebook simply from facebook ads. I would just promote your fb page and posts. If people like your content it will go viral. If they don't it won't. Its as simple as that.

    And don't get likes from Fiver or any other service that sells fans. There either fake accounts or hacked accounts. Thus, its just a scam.

    Good luck!
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    fiverr gigs have only been fake... I once got real like but they were hijacked likes
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      Most of the sellers are fake, however i don't see any harm in buying 5K followers for $5 and than use other methods to attract likes, because having 5k likes won't make other users to hesitate.
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        I agree, it's important to have a bit of social proof in the initial stages (even if it's a few fake likes). The reason is because nobody likes to be the first to like a page. Notice I said "few", so probably like 100 max.

        The best strategy that's been working for me so far has been buying about 100 fans from Fiverr (obviously fake), then running a targeted campaign using Facebook Ads. I'm managing to convert targeted US-based likes for my niche for about $.08 cents. I started my Christian-focused fan page and it's @ around 2.2K likes already in about 2 weeks.

        Another strategy is contacting owners of similar fan pages, and asking to cross-promote. Does anyone else have any cool tips/tricks?

        Pls don't reply saying buy likes from Fiverr. I'm talking about high quality targeted fans that provide engagement. What's the point of 100K bots?? Just a big waste of money.
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    if i had 1000 to work with per-month.. i'll use 50 to buy likes from fiverr then use the nest 950 to promote my fb page and posts.
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      do not buy facebook likes on Fiverr, i sell on fiverr and do youtube views and things, but facebook likes are all fakes, if you write an off the wall ad you will get lots of likes, My last ad i ran was supposed to cost me 1.30 a like and it cost me $10 a day for 1000 likes, and when i got to 10k i stopped the ad, but now i get 10 to 12 new fans a day, with no ad.
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    $1,000 a month.... With that, you should be able to get a ton of likes. What do you want to do with those likes is the question. What do you want them to convert to? What do you want them to buy? Please don't pay any spoofy services for likes. Those likes wont be of any value for you. Those will only result in #'s, but not actual people interested in your product.

    Likes are great if you can convert them into paying customers. Tell me what your end result goal is and I will help you. You mentioned that you already have video's, so you already have the hardest part done(the content).
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    If you have money to invest and you know your target audience then why not just promote your post .People will click on those .
    That's it!
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