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I have read several posts talking about offering businesses help with their Social marketing. Mostly FaceBook I believe.

I have my own FaceBook account but really am uncertain what we would offer the businesses.

I would like some advice in what others are doing.

I also wonder is there a good course or WSO that describes this well.

Please offer good courses not ones just to make a sale.

Thanks guys

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    Businesses use social media for:
    - Brand Management
    - Customer Service
    - Damage Control/Reputation Management
    - Lead Generation
    - Customer Reactivation
    - Pay-per-click advertising
    - Building A Tribe... using groups, fanpages, etc.
    - Building Authority/Credibility
    - Launching Products

    There are a ton of course out there, and lots of Warriors
    teaching the topic from various angles. I won't recommend
    anything at this time, but have seen a LOT of great material
    on the topic, from fellow Warriors.


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      All of the things that Willie mentioned are what you'd really have to offer (or you could specialize in a particular area, such as helping brands to manage their paid campaigns on the site). Facebook isn't necessarily the right tool for every business though, so it would be wise to have a good knowledge of all the networks out there and what they can offer businesses.

      It's obviously a very competitive field, and there are thousands of businesses out there offering similar things. To give you an edge, could you perhaps focus on marketing to a certain type of business, or those working in a particular niche? Becoming the 'go to' provider may mean that you can charge more and will get more interest in your services than if you just went for a generic approach.

      The starting point would be to get to grips with the networks and establish how you'll offer value for the business. If you can't make a difference, you won't last too long. Run your own campaigns, see how they work, build up a portfolio of tangible examples. It's unlikely that anyone will choose to work with you if you can't provide this up front.

      Good luck
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    Rather than ask us, you need to ask the business:

    "If we work on your social media marketing, what would you like to see happen over the next 6 months?"

    Make sure you get specific answers and then build your strategy around that.
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