Facebook Metrics? Reach or Virality?

by trnz
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What should you go for?
Text for Reach or Pictures for Virality?
I'm sure that this is important to many readers so please go into
as much details as you can LOL
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    Organic reach is just what it sounds like: people who like a page stumble upon the post organically, like by scrolling through their news feed or visiting a page.
    Viral reach is an extension of that, and would happen if you commented on a post and one of your friends saw a post about your comment. If your friend clicked on the page, that would be viral reach, as it was a result of your comment.”
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    what do you mean by text for reach?

    My Signature..MY SIGNATURE!

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    Reach and Virility are directly tied together as the more viral a post / page is the more people it is going to reach and conversely the more people a post reaches the greater chance if it being viral. You can not directly control reach.(unless you run an ad) but vitality is directly tied to the quality of your posts. Make engaging posts that people like, Make posts that have a call to action "click like if you love cheese sandwiches" .. make graphic posts but not all graphic posts, mix it up some. I like to do 65/35 where 65% of my posts are graphics and 35% are text / links
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