Advertising the "Make Money Online" niche through Facebook pages?

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Hey Guys

Just wondering, if I were to write my own eBook, create a few Facebook friends and slowly build up a plethora of friends and groups, then advertise a make money online eBook either for sale or to opt-in and up-sell other products, could this work? Especially if full re-distribution rights were given with the book with an optional opt-in at the end?

I've seen quite a few pages for "things for sale in "local area"" and thought that these could be good places to market to, since a lot of people are receiving notifications of posters who are both in the group and on your friends list, that could drive traffic that is from targeted people, as they are on sales pages looking to either spend or earn.

Thoughts? Ideas? I've been dabbling around here for a while, just dawning on ideas.
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    I don't think eBook and guide do that well without a kick ass sales page. So if you trying to advertise it on Facebook make sure you have a good sales pages, with a sweet promo video. Text only really doesn't cut it anymore.

    Currently I'm seeing allot of seminars and webinars doing really good on Facebook. So you may want to try hosting one of those and then up-selling your guide.
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    You have to be very careful with FB my friend.

    They will punish you as soon as they get a wiff of what you are doing
    doesn't meet their terms etc.

    You are already at the right place to execute a plan similar to the one
    you are looking to implement.

    Just stop and think about that for a second friend.

    All the best and good luck with your future efforts.

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    yes, you need to be careful with facebook T&C. They are quite strict regarding this, if you are found breaking rules your account will be blocked.

    I really don't find title "make money online" quite interesting as people receive lot of fake emails regarding this niche , so you need to be very professional and different while promoting this thing
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