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I have 3 Facebook Fan page but my Facebook page have 150 likes so please suggest me how can i get 10,000 Facebook likes in 3 months.
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    Facebook ads.
    Run a contest or other promo
    Get into the promotion mentality (you didnt even bother to link to your pages in this post) never miss an opportunity to link to your pages.
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    If you are looking for Likes then Facebook Ads are best option, you can target specific audience and your likes would be more genuinue.
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    Or you can hire a person who can help you get 10,000 Facebook likes in 3 months.
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      I'm looking to increase this as well. My Facebook page doesn't even qualify for the "name" at the end of the slash. I have 8 likes so far, but I'm going to run a Facebook ad for likes. I had a Facebook ad to promote a Udemy course I had, but I really want to up my likes/friends on Facebook for my site.
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    You can try facebook ads,You can use facebook ads coupon in fiverr
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    There are many ways to get facebook likes ,

    By giving request to your friends and by informing friends to share with their friends
    By keeping facebook like button in your site.
    Posting informative and interacting thing regularly .
    Posting with appropriate image.
    The quick way is by buying Ad's
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    Strong involvement in the social and reaching out to people in different ways help gain facebook likes to be precisely gained in the long run process. I play all around to look out for every possible way like a poll, a game, a contest to gain the attention of traffic and likes. Yes, paid advertising is also the best game but till now I have not found the need of paying a single penny to google.
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        So why do you think you are getting more likes from India. Is this because your page speak to that market well than the USA market. Ask those who like your page to tell you why they did. Then check the USA pages and see what the difference between your page and theirs. Sometime it may be slight subtleties.
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    Try Facebook ads it will helpful. it will increase traffic and popularity.
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    You can try facebook ad if you have a money.
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  • The only way to get followers on facebook, is with facebook ads, or you can try promoting your service or product with other bloggers!

    people who can share links!
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    you should use Facebook Ads it will helpful to increase likes on your page
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    You should increase friend circle, target group or people who belong to your business & drop good post its will help you to get likes. you can use TOOLS also for this but i think you should go for genuene LIKE. Good luck
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    Facebook Ads is definitely an amazing resource for getting quick likes on your page. It'll cost a little bit of money, but it'll be worth it for the traffic you get.
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    Facebook likes can be increased in a genuine and in artificial ways.

    For increasing genuine Facebook likes:
    1. Create Facebook page with full detailed information and profile picture.
    2. Post attractive content post with images, infographics etc.
    3. Post regularly or you can also schedule your post using different tools.
    4. Follow people and join groups related to your niche.
    5. Encourage them to like your page through messages.
    6. Promote your page on Facebook.

    For Artificial Likes:
    1. Create Fake Facebook account and promote your page on it.
    2. Follow people whether related to your business or not.
    3. Join groups like exchange like, like for like etc.. They will allow you to like someone's page and in return, they will also like your page.
    4. Ask people to like your page through messages.
    5. Use tool like add me fast to increase likes.
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    eerr.. just buy facebook likes maybe?
    The greatest Viral Marketing Idea of all time...FREE ebook
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    Fb adds is better way I think
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    Use Facebook Ads to promote your page it will helpful ......
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    First of all, there are a ton of threads that already suggest numerous ways to increase number of likes for facebook pages. Browse though the forum, you'll find them.
    Second of all, never buy likes! It's a total waste of money, you're better off investing the same money in ad campaigns!
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    you can even take paid services for your facebook page. but, i think you need to take do both paid and non paid services so that you will get fresh and targeted traffic with genuine likes.
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    Buying likes is a waste of time and money and will lower your engagement so you'll probably end up with a dead page. I'm not sure why I'm even saying this anymore, there's so many threads on here and other forums that explain thoroughly why you shouldn't do it. Second of all, your approach is flawn from the beginning, you can't expect a certain number of likes in a certain period of time, that's not how it works. You can only try posting a relevant quality content and boosting your posts so you can raise the engagement.
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    You can use those site for get likes fast for your Fan page:

    But before use that you must reach full your Fan page than Join more Facebook groups and promote your page in that groups.

    Green IT is the Outsourcing and Computer training center in Comilla. We offer high quality service with 100% job surety to our students within our training session to train how to make money online as a freelancer.

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    the problem of those Social Exchange sites is most of FB accounts that will like your page is not an active accounts. Members from social exchange use fb dummy accounts to earn credits.

    If FB detects that those FB accounts are not active, your likes will be reduced.

    I experienced that I used to have 800 + likes and suddenly dropped to 400 something.

    You can just join FB groups that are related to your FB page and ask if they can like your page. Do not spam they might kick you out and ban.
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    connect with friends, use twitter/instagram/youtube/goole+ make a website. buy ads, post on forums of what you're promoting. make sure everything you post on other media links to your fb and links to everywhere else so no matter what they can find your fb if thats where you want the majority of people to go
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    Facebook ads are great for this. Also create good content (postplanner is pretty useful imo). Use appropriate hashtags.

    One tip I like is also to tag other pages. For example, if you talk about Kobe Bryant (and tag his page) on yours, and I follow Kobe's page, I'll see your post on my newsfeed. As "this page is talking about Kobe Bryant". Make sure it's valuable, relevant content, of course. But it's a good way of sort of hijacking a larger page's audience.
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    Join more Facebook groups and promote your page in that group. Entice your friends and followers with discount offer and contest. Post more knowledgeable things which are mostly searchable by people on social networking website.
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    try facebook ads for your likes
    News & Media Website
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    If you want a low cost solution I would suggest you to try some 3rd party supplier of likes.
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    Run Facebook campaign.
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    Likes are not as important as a quality following.

    Build an audience, not a crowd.


    - Don't buy likes from a third party
    - Don't run paid likes ads

    These will destroy your engagement long term. Don't listen to anybody who would tell you otherwise.


    - Create a quality post that you can boost to a narrow audience within your market
    - If it works, target that post to other similar audiences
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    You need to join group according to your theme. And also post the aptitude question related to your product or service. It will be increase the engagement to the post.
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    Earning audience is important than gaining crowd but to make people aware of your pages and quality post you need likes for it.
    addmefast.com is the best site to gain likes
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  • Hello socialapps

    No matter how many you like, what matter are the target than your business, generates more quality content, solve people's problems, be more interactive in real time, you need to create empathy with your audience, you have to create a kind of community on your pages.

    Try turning on a campaign of Ads, with few $ per day can generate quality traffic and certainly target

    Moderators Note: Affiliate links are not allowed as signatures.

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  • I bought a product - Fanpage Sniper. After going through the videos I was able to get around 300 likes a day for 0.01 dollar a like.
    Get Your Free Online Prosperity Starter Kit >>> NextStepFreedom.com
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    Anyone who tells you to "buy" facebook likes is someone to avoid

    Facebook has been removing these fake likes....and even can remove your page

    Plus your page looks stupid....and why would "robot" likes or even "microworker" likes do you any good? They aren't going to buy what ever you are pushing. You are wasting your money
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    You can use facebook likes software for increasing your fan page likes.
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      Originally Posted by rosario1990 View Post

      You can use facebook likes software for increasing your fan page likes.

      What kind of software and what is the name of the software please?
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  • Its better to have 1000 quality interested likes, than 5000 random ones.
    Enlighten Marketing
    Lighting the way for your marketing objectives
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    I am running a facebook page and without any help or stuff, I was able to get 10,000 fans in a week. I suppose, it is mainly due to the nature of page and interest from the people. Try to get real fans, by advertising directly on facebook, rather than using any services. As, it will help in getting real fans.

    Reputed NYC SEO firm. Always trust experts.

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    whatever you do, stay away from fiver. it's the best way to put your business into the ground
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    People are suggesting FB ads, but I will advice that you should grow your fan base organically. Keep posting good quality stuff on you page and share it in relevant groups. If users find your content interesting, they will automatically visit your page and like it. It also taps right people for your page's niche.
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    If you want to increase 10k likes of your Facebook page in 3 months. You should need to buy Facebook like from social promotion websites.
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    In these days facebook knows that if there is any fake likes or from the site like above.

    Im running Facebook campaign for Digital Berg over a year now, its cheap and my client is satisfied from my work. Better to be legit.
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    Facebook ads.

    Outside of that, try and grow your traffic organically through quality content and posting consistently. Try and focus on featuring content that others will want to share. Beware of 'buying fans', a lot of the time, they will be dummy accounts.
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    Facebook ads? Not only that they are extremely expensive, but also this happens:

    Facebook Advertisers Complain Of A Wave Of Fake Likes Making Their Pages Useless - Business Insider
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      Upload viral videos specific to your page niche. Your fans will tag their friends in them and if you post "Comment, Tag, Share.... LIKE (PAGE NAME)" above your post, well then the rest takes care of it self.

      You can gain thousands niche specific REAL likes quickly using this method because FB is all about video these days. All it costs is time and a bit of effort.

      I have no idea how I got here but I like it already

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      The people suggesting social exchange - addmefast, like4like, etc - are wrong. Those likes never stick anymore and they're just point down the drain.

      That said, the best way to get real likes is to invite all of your friends to like your page. Look for methods to do it quickly online. Google will help you. And if you have good friends who don't mind, especially hot girls with a lot of friends, then get them to invite their friends to like your page/s too. That will bring you real and organic likes, 100%.

      Facebook ads are expensive, and there has been a video circulated a year or so ago where the guy proved that those likes are also fake to an extent.

      If you want to artificially increase your likes, especially when starting out, simply buy likes. It will cost you much less than Facebook ads. You can get 1000+ Likes for about $25-30.

      Hope that helps.
      Digesale.com - Premium Digital Marketplace
      Socialesale.com - Social Media Marketing Services
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    FB ads and Gleam promotions/contest work wonders

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    The Share button is the most powerful button on Facebook.

    Also you can use some very powerful tools, that will help you get the results faster and
    more efficiently:

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      Originally Posted by Nisip View Post

      The Share button is the most powerful button on Facebook.

      Also you can use some very powerful tools, that will help you get the results faster and
      more efficiently:

      Yes these tools are very good to attract a large number of organic fans likes.

      It is important to note that social media studies showed that each 1 facebook fan like has a value, on the average, of 174.17 $ USD:

      How much is one Facebook fan worth? Study says $174.17 - The Tell - MarketWatch
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    What is the general rate of return after getting thousands of FB likes for start ups? 1,000 likes = 10 purchases?
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    Thanks Team,

    Do you guys have any one who can write quality contents for us?

    Yes Austria right! Facebook like are very expensive in major countries.

    We need someone you can write quality contents and managed our social network i think!
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    I recommend facebook ads, contests with call to action photos, and you can try some gigs on fiverr
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    There are number of ways to get Facebook likes and get traffic on your website, you can try Facebook ads, run contest etc.
    I would also suggest using Facebook marketing tool, it will help you target audience, scheduling posts and much more.
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    Those websites are indexing your username and password and someday steal them. So i HIGHLY don't recommend using these
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    yes, stay away from exchange websites: they follow with fake bots in mass, and then unfollow in mass 1 week later
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    it is common knowledge that nowadays, less than 2% of the fans likes that you have on your Facebook page, will ever get to see what you post...

    Because of this:


    Your Facebook Page's Organic Reach Is About to Plummet | Social Media Today
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    There are tow ways to get Facebook likes. Whaite hat and Black hat. For good result, you have to do long term work.
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    You need to build good content to attract the truth likes.
    Explaindio Video FX Review
    Explaindio Video FX Transforms Any Mediocre Looking Video Into An Eye Catching Blockbuster That Skyrockets Conversion From Viewers To Subscribers And Buyers.
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    If you want run FB ads for your fanpage, you can contact me.
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    To get Likes on your Facebook, you can try these things:
    1) Promote your Facebook Page, everywhere.
    2) Use data to entice new community members to like you.
    3) Pay to play with Facebook Ads.
    4) Run a contest
    5) Use social media monitoring to measure, analyze, and learn
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    Make sure that your page is genuine with correct information so that it should not look like a fake page and invite people relating to your page.
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    As always, content is king, even with social media. Make sure that whatever you post on FB, Twitter, etc, is relevant AND interesting.
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    to get your facebook likes you need to make your account open so that all the people on facebook can review your page without adding your and also post some attractive things. The best option is start a competition on that page between girls and boys and then you will see the rating of your page will automatically will be raised up. Because it's the competition where every single girl and every single boy will comment and like that because they will try to win. girls will try that they win and boys try that they win and in their competition your page will be popular. Try posting regularly new things and interesting things on your page.
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    Originally Posted by socialapps View Post

    I have 3 Facebook Fan page but my Facebook page have 150 likes so please suggest me how can i get 10,000 Facebook likes in 3 months.
    Regularly you need to update your page with related image or videos and promote your page to other Page as comment box, Share your page to facebook groups.
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    You can use fiverr and facebook ad campaign .
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