tumblr - How to best use it for IM?

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I don't really understand how to use tumblr in the IM market. Can someone shed some light.

Do you use quotes and pictures or insert a block of text?

Thanks for your help
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    It's all about content. Tumblr is just another blog really. Once you get the content, you'll get the followers and with a critical mass can then target them with offers.
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    hi Nicole,

    Like Paul said, it's another blog, but unlike most new blogs, your Tumblr blog will start off with more trust, authority and ranking ability than a self hosted one with GoDaddy or another domain registrar; this is because Tumblr has a high pagerank and you will piggyback off it's trust by being associated with it.

    To take advantage, most marketers will make a few blog posts related to their niche and link back to their website, receiving a contextual link. This is the quick and easy version of Tumblr marketing.

    You could choose to make many posts on Tumblr, and allow others to post on it as well, having a larger presence on there which will increase your chances of being found as well as the overall size and seo strength of your outbound links (bigger sites tend to have more weight).

    It comes down to 2 main options:
    1) use Tumblr as a funnel to your main website
    2) put ads and affiliate offers directly on your Tumblr to monetize

    When promoting your Tumblr you can throw more backlinks and social network signals at it than your average new website because of its trust.
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    Google+ Matthew Anton
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      Like Paul said, it's another blog
      Hi Matthew!

      Thanks for the detailed answer. So, this means that I will have to create dedicated articles/videos for Tumblr and not just put a summary of an article with a link back to my site?
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        np, great question.

        The search engines prefer unique content, and in this case it can be a few sentences summarizing the article on your main website. If you simply copy/paste articles you own onto Tumblr you'll be losing a big chunk of its power, and it might not even get indexed, or at best, very little power in the search engines.

        Like SuccessMarketer stated you can simply add an image to your Tumblr to help get more "content" on the post, and the more followers you have, the more internal links you'll have pointing back to your Tumblr (which will increase it's pagerank/crawlability). You don't have to create very long posts, but the more effort you put into it, the more you'll get out of it.

        To maximize your efficiency, summarize your articles/posts on your main website, and an image and/or video and then link back to your source. If you choose to prepare unique content of value, be sure to name the title of your post something similar but different than your original post to cast a wide net of search traffic, i.e. - Ten things to do in Ohio and Ohio top ten places to visit.

        In addition to tumblr, wordpress, blogger, weebly, and many other web2.0s are perfect for this strategy.
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        Web2.0Backlinks - web2.0 creation/link building
        Google+ Matthew Anton
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    Hi Matthew
    Thank you for the detailed description of the Tumbler. I have never used it. I was using google blogger and link them to my website. I will now look into the possibilities of Tumbler.
    With best wishes
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    I use Tumblr and it can be a very good source of traffic back to your main site but you have to offer interesting content, mainly PICTURES.

    I add links below the pictures back to my Facebook account and in some occasions I also link back to my landing page for my primary business.

    The key ingredients to do well are:

    1- Get lots of followers (follow the people that follow people in your niche... 20% of them will follow back. Do not overdo it or you'll be banned! )
    2- Post regularly, reblog other peoples pictures
    3- Add links to your main blog or other social media platform you use.

    It's really simple to use and it's really an untapped source of traffic... I think there are about 80 million Tumblr blogs!
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