Is Facebook killing your page right now?

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All of a sudden a few weeks ago, the "total reach" of my posts dropped by around 50% which is weird cos they are still getting a similar number of shares (hundreds). And then a few days ago it dropped again - across all my pages.

Coincidentally there is an increase in promo in the admin panel, trying to encourage me to buy visibility for my posts.

Which is pretty annoying, because I already purchased that visibility in the first place by buying FB ads to drive the # of likes to my page!

Seems like they are choking engagement deliberately so that they can sell it back to you.

Anyone else noticed this? It also seems that they have turned up the dial on the setting that buries the content from people you haven't interacted with lately.

I spent a lot of money on FB ads ($5000+) and things were great for a while, but even though I am sharing high quality viral content that gets a ton of shares, all of a sudden there is this palpable "die-off" in engagement from my audience that was not evident before.

I feel sorry for small businesses, as its evident to me that Facebook is strangling their pages to death to get them to cough up for some more visibility. Typical tactics when you think you're the only game in town.... but at some point someone else is going to come along and steal their pie... advertisers are the goose that lays the golden egg and I'm already scanning the horizon for somewhere else to spend my ad budget......
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    I havent noticed any fewer across the pages I manage, do you want to share your analytics, have you noticed any negative actions that may have led to this?
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    I have noticed that some people do not see my posts as much as they used to... and just like yourself, I have been sharing content that I know has been proven to get lots of "likes" and shares, but nothing happens.

    I really don't know if Facebook do it on purpose but yeah, I seem to get far less engagement that with other pages that are 2 or 3 year old.

    You mind me asking what niche you are in?
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    I noticed a small dip I couldn't explain. Likely they updated the algorithm. Rather they did it to make more on promoted posts I do not know.
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      Originally Posted by Aaron Doud View Post

      I noticed a small dip I couldn't explain. Likely they updated the algorithm. Rather they did it to make more on promoted posts I do not know.
      I think you nailed it right there. Facebook is a public company that quite frankly is tanking. They are still below there opening price. They are trying to earn some money and doing anything to do it. The problem is there being so aggressive with there money making efforts that they are chasing away the marketers. Facebook may have a billion users but its the marketers that bring in the cash. General people arent going to buy ads pay for posts etc.
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        They already did this a while ago when they first introduced sponsored posts. I guess they are making it even worse now. Really sucks as what is the point of even paying for ads to build up the fans and then not be able to get seen by the fans you payed for? :rolleyes:

        That's why when I start buying ads they're going straight to a squeeze tab first, as fb can't prevent my emails getting delivered at least!
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          I read some where that only 5-10% of your liked users actually see your post
          Squeeze page first, that way i got their email

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    I'm subscribed to over 200 of the top social media blogs and go through the stream pretty regularly, I haven't heard or seen anything about a change in algorithm, and I also take care of several accounts and fanpages.

    Problems like you are suggesting can usually be seen in deep analytics, and I'd offer to take a look but you sound convinced the problem is Facebook. They are still trying to make money, but the system isn't so bad that small businesses aren't able to use it anymore. It's free to use if you want to use it, you can pay for better results.

    It sucks, I know. Trying to grow a new fanpage is literally impossible without running ads, doing S4S, etc. But there are some tricks that help.

    I suggest looking at the timing of your posts, any negative feedback in analytics, posting for more reach with text only updates, and uploading several pics at a time for users to click on to increase edgerank.

    I know my opinion won't be popular, but blaming Facebook here won't help your business, roadblocks are there to keep the people out who don't want it as bad

    Mary Green
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    Obviously, Facebook is in business to make money for itself and their share holders. So if a few users don't like their practices, that would be of little concern. If you already have many shares, you might not need to pay anymore.
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    I manage dozens of pages, I haven't noticed big changes but upto certain limit. I can say not many fans as used to before see my posts. I think Face book want more page owners to be paying for their ads to get more fans. By the way they are in the business as well and want to make money.
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