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Hi Warriors,

Video seems to be all the rave in 2013 and it's pretty much taking over the traffic generation sphere.

While getting your videos ranked on Google is great, I feel it's also important to keep the relationship aspect there as well, because in order to really grow your influence and exposure on YT you're gonna have to employ the help of others.

So, I wanted to share some quick and effective ways to grow your YT traffic, exposure and following:

First here's a few tips on recording YT videos if you really looking to grow an YT audience:
  • Just focus on being yourself in your videos. Don't put on a fake front and expect people to flock to you, because they wont. People can smell phoniness from a mile away, even from behind a computer screen, so just BE YOU.
  • You don't have to be a video production professional to record videos. You can simply use a webcam or flip cam. You can even use your Iphone or Android to record them (which is what I usually use). What matters the most is the content of your video rather than the quality. As long as the quality is decent and you can be seen and heard, go for it! You can always worry about the glitz and glamour later.

As far as getting views and subscribers to your videos and channel, you can treat it just like you do a joint venture:
  • You can contact other channel owners within your niche who already have lots of views and subscribers and ask to do a guest video on their channel.
  • You can also build a vlogging alliance, and treat it the same way you would a blogging alliance.
  • You can do video swaps, paid channel promotions for other channels to link back to your channel from their main YouTube page.
  • You can even do JV YT giveaways with related channels, or a JV video series where each channel does a video about a specific topic over the course of several episodes and promote each others videos.
  • You can simply embed your videos on your blog within your post to get more views (this is also good for decreasing your bounce rate).
  • You can also cross promote your blog and your channel. Within your blog posts you can link back to your channel to encourage more people to subscribe and within your videos you can place a simple annotation that links back to your blog. Win, win!

How does these ideas sound to you? If you have any other ideas, please do share them with me and the rest of us.

Implementing these tactic will be extremely effective for getting a windfall of YouTube traffic and building a more authoritative, creditable brand.

Let me know when you launch your new channel. I'd love to check you out and subscribe. Maybe even do a video collab some time soon.

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    Hey, Ti, nice topic =]

    I'd complement a little with some simple optimization tips:

    YouTube, in a way, is just like Google and other search engines (yep, YouTube is one of the most used sites as a search engine)! Just like any other search engine, there are many factors that come into account in its algorithm as it decides which videos rank on which position for a given keyword.

    Just like you do with your sites on Google, when you take some actions to optimize its ranking for a given keyword, you can – or better, you should do some SEO (Search Engine Optimization) for your videos. Some of the most important items to look at are:

    1. Video File Name
    2. Title
    3. Description
    4. Tags

    I have put them on this particular order, but that doesn’t mean this is the actual order of importance YouTube considers. I believe those are just as important as the next one, so, be sure you pay attention to all of them.

    When you upload a video, you have to think of it as information. How do you access information on internet? Searching with words – or keywords/keyphrases.

    In order for you to optimize your videos for searches, you have to think of proper keywords that are going to lead people to your videos.

    1. Video File Name
    Make your video name the exact main keyword. For instance, "dog training.mp4"

    2. Title
    Try to use your main keyword at least 1 1/2 times, or 2 if possible. Somethng like "Dog Training - Learn how to train your dog in X weeks"

    3. Description
    Write an article. Seriously. 400 words should be ok, but the more, the best. Use main keyword and LSI keywords throughout, with a density of around 5-8% (that is, for every 100 words, use 'em 5 to 8 times)

    Another thing. This doesn't have to make much sense: it is primarily for ranking purposes... most people don't even read this.

    4. Tags
    Main keyword only, or throw in 1 or 2 LSI keywords, too.

    Well, that's it, let's see what some other people can add!



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  • I think the use of video is also niche related. I myself like reading stuff more than watching videos. It takes too long. I really like it if the site also explains what happens in the video (to read if it is worth my time). Just my thoughts.
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    I prefer SEO of youtube videos, it brings up organic visitors to your videos and conversion is always high.
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      I am too newbish for thanking, so I will post it.

      Great post and replies! I knew nothing about YouTube SEO (and I've uploaded 2 videos myself), so, thanks guys!
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    Thanks very much for this information. I started a YouTube channel but haven't had much success with getting searches to it. I will try your suggestions and see if it helps
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    Take Ti's advice and grow your relationship with channel owners! Make friends and stuff will happen.

    Tell them their videos are great. Tell them your experience with your topic. Rapport.

    Relate to them.

    Tell them you've shared their video on facebook, or whatever.

    Give, then you will receive.

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