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I've had three different Facebook accounts over the years, none for the purpose of marketing. Each one was eventually deleted (by me) because there's just too much drama and wasted time there. I do have an FB page for my business, but it's limited to what I can do with it because it's for a business - which never made sense to me because a business really needs all the flexibility it can get.

Anyway, I'm thinking of creating yet another personal page that I can use for marketing. Not to be spammy or anything like that. I do want to build up a bunch of friends, and be social, but my underlying motive is to have a place to implement all the FB marketing techniques that are available to me.

The big question on my mind is: can I set up a personal FB page that is closely associated with my business page in any way? Or does it have to be purely personal? If necessary, I guess I could use it to brand my name, while keeping the business page for my existing company brand. But that's seems redundant and possibly confusing to prospects as I'm really operating with both names to accomplish the same things.

Or am I off in left field somewhere gazing at the sky? ...
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    I think you should start by reviewing TOS. I know a lot of successful marketers who allow a lot of followers (and subscribers) on their "personal" pages; but they use those pages to share some (limited) personal info and then to share items from their business pages (in a "look what I'm up to" sort of way). That way you're not really spamming your friends or breaking any business vs. personal use rules. Again, though, I think it comes down to properly interpreting TOS.
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    When you have personal account, you can create businees profile which will be connected with your normal account. You log in once, and are able to switch between posting in your name or your business page. Then you can be more social and effective. But I'm not sure if it is possible to add personal account when you have only a business one.

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    Having a personal FB page allows you to more actively build a network, in the style of linkedin. It can serve your business page very well!
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    We have a business and personal page I know quite a few people who use their personal page for gaining "followers" and then point the followers in the direction of the business page for any full on business stuff likes sales, product launches etc that way you keep yourself right in terms of FB terms of service.

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      Thank's for information
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        Thanks for all the replies. I've created a new personal FB, but now I'm having trouble linking the two. In the past, I had created the personal account first, and when I made the business account they automatically linked together (i.e. "Use Facebook as Joel Young" or "Use Facebook as CBI Web Services"). The options to use FB as one or the other no longer show up in the current setup.
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    the business page you have, make your new personal profile as admin on that page,
    then later on you can delete the previous admin account from your business page
    that way your new personal profile will be the only admin on your business page
    Both of your profiles are connected then
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    Thanks, datingworld, that did the trick!
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