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I guess we are all seeing the rise of Google+ for SEO rankings; for a services business, I wondered has anyone tested whether it is better to have a Google+ business page (better for promoting a brand) against a Google+ individual page where the individual is the main person providing the service. In particular, where the individual is building expert status in an area by publishing content by them but associated with a brand or company.

I might try testing this myself... but would be interested to know if anyone has tried it themselves or has case studies that they'd like to share?

Thanks Warriors
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  • Steadyonnow,

    I haven’t directly tested the differences between these two account configurations for promotion purposes but there are things you can do with a personal account that you can’t do with a business account. For instance you cannot add people to a business account’s circles like you can with a personal account. While that may seem trivial, it limits the amount of opportunities you have to grow a following if you can’t even interact with people until they interact with your page or follow your page.
    I would say that if the person is the brand, it would be better to have the personal page rather than a business page because (while I could be wrong) I don’t think you can use a business account to sign up for authorship.

    Hope that helps,

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      Hi Shawn
      You have summarized it well: I think I might work with a Google+ business link along the top of the site and individual Google+ icons below the articles to build up expert status. Maybe that's what Google wants.... lots of Google+ icons everywhere!

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    I prefer having a G+ page along with a G+ profile. The purpose of Page is entirely different from a profile and Pages are one of the best thing to improve your branding and overall traffic.
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    To brand your product opt for the Google+ business page as there are way more features for interacting with your followers, much like a Facebook page.
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    I have been using a Google+ profile for authorship its has worked fine for me. About a month ago I finished creating a Google+ page for my business. The difference between the two is that profile pages are mostly used for authorship on Google+ because the details included there are for individuals while Google+ pages are specifically made for business because details of the business are required there for local listing...
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